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Side dish: Drifter's heads north



Drift north

Look for the tentative opening of a second Drifter's Hamburgers (4455 Mark Dabling Blvd., around late September or early October in the former Taco Bell space at 1485 Jamboree Drive. The menu, including Ranch Foods Direct burgers on non-GMO buns, will be replicated at the new spot.

Upon opening in spring 2008 (and after operating two Classics Hamburgers outfits from 1993 to 2003), owner Rich Beaven told the Indy he'd be looking for additional locations. Today, he mentions possibilities for a third Springs location and another in Castle Rock, and his website offers franchising opportunities.


An update from last week's Side Dish: The new Colorado Mountain Brewery ( at 600 S. 21st St. will open this Friday, Sept. 7. And while back on the CMB topic, here's a bit of extra news I gleaned during a sneak peek with head brewer Andy Bradley and GM Paul Dehner:

• First, former Trinity Brewing Co. brewer Darren Baze has joined Bradley and assistant brewer Tony Ragu at CMB to form a "hive mind." Says Bradley: "From Tony we're inheriting this nothing-off-limits type of attitude. Darren's bringing in some new, exciting brews, and I'm just the old war horse that's been doing this for years and years." (At Trinity, president Jason Yester has returned to the lead brewing role while grooming Tom Brown for a likely takeover, he says.)

• Second, thanks to an air-conditioned, makeshift cellar that Dehner etched into the CMB blueprints late in the design phase, the brewers soon will undertake a rare barrel-fermentation program with used Breckenridge Distillery oak bourbon barrels. How this differs from most barrel-aged projects: Fermentation will actually take place in the barrels, with base wort as the input, as opposed to an already-fermented brew going into the wood for maturation.

"It's very hit or miss," says Bradley. "But when you hit, you hit. We're trying to bring some of the wild microbes out of the wood ... it's very dirty brewing — we might as well be doing it around a campfire."

See our IndyBlog for a photo tour of the new space.

À la carte

• Chef David Bang has made good on his always-on-the-move modus operandi ("Catch him if you can," Appetite, Nov. 24, 2010). He recently sold Jasmine Cafe (6064 Stetson Hills Blvd.), and has opened a new spot called Ivy's Chinese Cafe at 11550 Ridgeline Drive (488-8088). Bang says the menu is virtually the same.

• The Peak to Plains Alliance-organized Local Food Week runs Sept. 8 through 16; see a full calendar of community-wide events at

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