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Leaves, not liquor

A thanks to reader Marsh Grant for pointing out my misinterpretation of the "Kahlua" ingredient in my pork sandwich at Garden of the Gods Gourmet recently ("Lunch on the side,"

Rather than the liquor, the word, more accurately spelled "Kalua," refers to the luau tradition of cooking a pig by wrapping it in banana leaves and burying it with hot rocks in a makeshift oven called an imu.

In following up with sous chef Amy Pontius from the market, who grew up on Hawaii's big island, I learned how she makes Kalua pork sans imu: Braise pork butt in water, salt and liquid smoke, and cover with a few ti leaves (found at floral shops). Bake for four hours or until tender, then drain the liquid and shred the meat.

For an authentic experience, Pontius says to eat Kalua pork over white rice. Call 471-2799 to learn more.

Sip 'n read

Poor Richard's Bookstore and Rico's at Poor Richard's have teamed up (easy to do when you're next door to one another) to offer a new Wine and Book Club Card. A one-year membership costs $25 and earns 10 percent off all books, $1 off a glass of wine or wine flight (a taste of three to four wines usually related by varietal, region or style) and $4 off a bottle. Call 630-7723 for more.

Here's lookin' at you

Steve Suhre, a local Web designer, is launching, intended to be a free database of restaurant listings. Currently, the site is in the process of seeking local restaurants to upload their information. Once enough have populated the site, it will open for public browsing. Suhre says he hopes to post reviews at some point in the future, as well.

The site's homepage also lists upcoming sites Suhre plans to launch, such as, and, among others. Call 634-8161 for more information.

Blizzard for a cause

Stop into Dairy Queen on Aug. 9; all proceeds from DQ Blizzards, up to $4 million, will go to Children's Miracle Network. Visit for more.

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