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Side dish: The story on lavender beer



The lavender haze

Two words: lavender beer. That's all I needed to hear last Friday to hightail it to 3668 E. Bijou St. for the scantly publicized grand opening of Kevin Baity Kraft Beers (

Unsurprisingly, Kevin Baity is the man behind the operation. The Colorado native has homebrewed for the past 15 years while living in Europe, England and the U.S. He currently works for Lockheed-Martin on Schriever Air Force Base, but will keep regular hours on Bijou from 4 to 8 or 9 p.m., Wednesdays through Fridays. (Baity recommends calling ahead.)

All of KBKB's beers are cask-conditioned, meaning no CO2 is added, batches take a month to brew instead of around two weeks, and a smoother-textured beer results. At the moment, a wheat, pale ale, porter and the lavender beer are available for $4 a pint, $9 a growler (with a $4 growler purchase), or by the keg.

As for that lavender goodie: Baity adds three ounces of dried flowers per 15-gallon batch to the boil with the hops, gifting the beer a lovely lavender bouquet and only a tiny taste of the flower essence. He and his wife, who had the idea for the beer (though lavender was apparently used in ancient recipes and has been used by other homebrewers and breweries, they later learned), believe the flower's multitude of medicinal properties come through in the beer — as if a beer buzz isn't relaxing enough on its own.

Out and in

Palmer Lake's Folie à Deux (25 S. State Hwy. 105), formerly the B&E Filling Station, apparently shut its doors in mid-June. But where one falls, another rises: The Flying Pig is set for a tentative Aug. 1 opening down the road, at 292 S. State Hwy. 105. As we reported in early May, that's Amuzé at the FAC chef Bill Sherman's new barbecue project, launching in his recently renovated, former Amuzé Bistro space.

Train leaving?

Though the Ochs family hasn't yet made an official announcement, and hasn't returned calls for comment, the rumors that their Giuseppe's Depot Restaurant (10 S. Sierra Madre St., will be sold to The Old Spaghetti Factory franchise aren't going away. Chef Brent Beavers was relieved of his duties last week and confirms that the OSF folks had been through, taking measurements. He believes the handoff will likely come within the next couple weeks.

We'll update with more info as we get it, including Beavers' future plans for a new culinary venture.

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