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Side dish: Frogurt is back



Acidophilus by the ounce ...

Does anyone actually call it "frogurt" anymore?

Does anyone care?

The point is, business partners David and Brenda Begin and Henry and Pam Lopez opened a new frozen yogurt (or frogurt, if you prefer) spot called iTopIt at 1610 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. ( this past weekend. Key to the concept: self-serve. Grab a cup, consider starting with a fresh-baked cookie or other topping — making it more of a bottoming, I suppose — then choose from 24 different yogurt flavors in any combination and quantity you desire. After adding nuts, fruit, cereals, candy and/or sauces (there are 70 options in all), put it on a scale and pay 39 cents an ounce — so a little over $3 for a reasonable 8-ounce creation.

"You can be as healthy as you want," says Henry, "from low-fat and sugar-free to peanut butter choices ... there's the control factor, as much or as little as you want. We'll always have something different: new toppings, different flavors."

David says the self-serve trend started in Southern California and exploded in cities like Phoenix and Dallas; the families visited around 50 different stores over the past year making notes on what to do and not to do with their outfit, which they intend to grow regionally for now. Look for a second location at 2912 N. Powers Blvd. to open in late spring.

... or two

And you thought I was done talking about frozen yogurt — pshaw.

Oddly enough, just before this column's deadline, I received word of another self-serve yogurt shop called YoYogurt ( that's planning a March 15 opening at 5885 Stetson Hills Blvd. This outfit also has plans for a second location to open, this time in the Briargate area around May, as well as further regional expansion.

Co-owner Nic Grzecka, who's partnered with his two sisters and their husbands, says their model was also inspired by time spent in Southern California. He has food and beverage experience but has been in real estate for the past five years; one sister owns a hair salon business, and the other is a schoolteacher. YoYogurt will start with 12 yogurt offerings (later aiming for 16) and around 40 toppings, charging 37 cents an ounce.

Grzecka says his family is aware of iTopIt, and that "there's room for all of us"; he likens it to Starbucks serving different demographics from multiple locations, and points out that Denver has a number of competing locations already. Seems we're just a little late to the party.

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