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Shrinking profits and nonprofits


With the economy sputtering, nonprofits are hurting at the very moment that need for their services is growing.


Colette Berge
Manitou Springs

College administrator

What does the term "nonprofit" bring to mind? A variety of organizations that, from the goodness of their hearts, do great things to help people.

If you were given $10,000 to donate to a nonprofit, who'd get it? I'd give half to the Gill Foundation and half to the Southern Colorado AIDS Project.

When did you last donate volunteer work? We worked on a house in New Orleans for Habitat for Humanity back in March. That was interesting and fulfilling.

Would we be better off pouring money into Iraq or into social programs here at home? There are so many consequences for having gotten involved in Iraq, but it's a bottomless pit, and way too many people are hungry and homeless and in need of help here at home.


Susan Fleming

Mortgage broker

Is the recession altering your charitable giving? I'm less likely to make cash donations and more likely to volunteer or do in-kind giving.

If you had unlimited time to volunteer, who would it be for? I have two children in a nonprofit school. I'd do it for their school or for some other educational organization.

Are we better off pouring money into Iraq or into social programs here? Into social programs here. Health care in the U.S. is awful compared to other countries.

When did you last volunteer? A couple months ago at my sons' school. It was the most visibly impactful volunteering I've ever done.


Randall Attix
Wilmington, Del.

Electrical engineer

With today's economy, are you more or less inclined to donate to a nonprofit? More. Increasing numbers of people are in need of the help nonprofits provide, and nonprofits are hurting.

If you could, to which nonprofit would you donate $10,000? Interfaith Community Housing. They build sustainable, owner-occupied homes for low-to- moderate-income people in Delaware.

When did you last volunteer your time? Three weeks ago, as a board member of Interfaith Community Housing.

Did doing so make any discernible difference? I've seen our efforts shore up entire neighborhoods.

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