David Simpich and his puppets tell "A Story of Christmas" through Dec. 27
  • David Simpich and his puppets tell "A Story of Christmas" through Dec. 27

23 Thursday

Imagine a canyon, glistening with sheets of ice formed by a semi-frozen waterfall, multicolored lights illuminating the opaque formations hundreds of feet above your head, and, all the time, water rushing and gurgling below the frozen covering. Black trees twinkling with tiny red, yellow, green and blue points of light loom over your family, and people with red noses and brightly hued clothing gingerly step across tiny catwalks over the falling creek, glancing only briefly at the ground far below. Glowing elves peek out from behind bushes. It's not an acid flashback, it's the holiday season at Seven Falls at the western end of Cheyenne Boulevard. The holiday lights are turned on tonight at 5:30, and the park stays open until 9:15, through Dec. 28, except Dec. 24. The $3 donation benefits Christmas Unlimited. Call 632-0765 for more info.

24 Friday

Bob Telmosse has been collecting food, toys, clothing and other wonderful things to give away to needy families from the backs of huge trucks for 16 years. This year, he needs your help with the Christmas Eve Giveaway. Donate money to help purchase wholesale food, pick up and distribute food, bag and box donations on the 23rd, or distribute leftovers on the 26th from the Citadel Plaza Building, 615 N. Chelton Road. Call 475-9421 or 599-7023 to find out more about doing your part in the season of giving.

25 Saturday

Merry Christmas! Hope your day is beautiful, bright and joyful.

After cleaning up the ribbons and paper, step out for a little holiday culture ...

Local master puppeteer David Simpich has created a new Marionette Theater production in which he will be the only flesh and blood character, a puppet maker recruited to make a Nativity scene for the village Christmas pageant. The hand-carved figures lead to a Christmas experience never before seen. The Puppet Maker: A Story of Christmas will begin at 7 p.m. and runs through Dec. 27 at The Broadmoor Theater at the Broadmoor, 1 Lake Plaza. Tickets are $10, and the show is not recommended for kids under 6. Call 577-5747.

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26 Sunday

Christmas is over, you've done your giving and your loving, and given your blessings, and you've been thankful, you've been warm and fuzzy and caring and good, but screw all that now. The holidays are over. You're sweeted out. You need some rough, manly sports action. Thank heavens the Colorado Gold Kings are going to be whupping the Phoenix Mustangs at 2:05 p.m. at the World Arena, 3185 Venetucci Blvd. Tickets to the hockey game are $10-$15; call 579-9000 to find out more.

Kwanzaa celebrates the best of African history, culture, philosophy and achievements. The unity, or Umoja, celebration kicks off a week of Kwanzaa partying at the Hillside Community Center, 925 S. Institute St. The African-American Community Unity Night with community leaders begins at 3 p.m. Admission is free. Call 473-6566 to find out more about the holiday or the other Kwanzaa celebrations this week.

27 Monday

Jim Jackson will delight and entertain with his new family show about a post-modernist clown whose art supplies begin to have opinions of their own. The still lifes won't stay still, the paintings talk back, and the easel gets an attitude. Art Guffaw begins at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Smokebrush Theater, 235 N. Nevada Ave. The show runs through Dec. 30. Tickets are $6. Call 444-0884 for more info.

28 Tuesday

Really late buying gifts? Find "one-of-a-kind art for one-of-a-kind people" at the Commonwheel Artists' 26th annual Holiday Market. Local artists will display pottery, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, photography, stained glass, masks, clothing, wooden bowls, ornaments and a mlange of other art. The market is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Commonwheel Artists Co-op, 102 Cañon Ave., in Manitou. For more info, call 685-1008.

Perhaps you've had it with shopping. In that case, stretch out on your couch and get ready for the upcoming New Year by tuning into PBS channels 8 or 15. At 9 p.m., they'll be showing an episode of Frontline titled Apocalypse! The show will focus on how the Book of Revelations has shaped Western ideas of the end of the world. Best of all, its free. Gather the family and prepare to be freaked out.

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29 Wednesday

In case you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, collect your gift money and head over to the African Marketplace, part of the citywide Kwanzaa celebration. The market represents Ujamaa or cooperative economics. The marketplace opens at 6 p.m at the Hillside Community Center, 925 S. Institute St. Admission is free. Call 473-6566 for details or to find out more about other Kwanzaa celebrations this week.

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