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Watch science meet - spirituality Thursday.
  • Watch science meet spirituality Thursday.

1 Thursday

As the overpasses downtown topple, try crossing the bridge between quantum mechanics and the Dalai Lama. Join the internationally respected researcher of atomic physics Arthur Zajonc as he presents "Science and Spirituality: Breaking Common Cognitive Ground." The lecture begins at 7:30 tonight in CC's Gates Common Room (1025 N. Cascade Ave.) and will touch on Zajonc's interdisciplinary work. A professor of physics at Amherst College, Zajonc has led discussions between Western thinkers and the Dalai Lama and is currently writing a book about the work of 12 Nobel Peace laureates. For more on the free lecture, call 389-6607. CS

2 Friday

Today marks the opening of a new art venue in the Springs. Heebee JeebeeS (318A E. Colorado Ave.) is up and running from 5 to 8 tonight with a sculpture and photography exhibit by Heather Oelklaus. Also worth a gander off the First Fridays' free shuttle is the Maestros de Mexico show at the Smokebrush Gallery (218 W. Colorado Ave.), featuring silver jewelry and hollowware by artists of the "Mexican silver renaissance." Finally, find a sculptural installation by Laura McCracken next door at the Bridge Gallery. Call 635-0620 for more on happenings at Heebee JeebeeS, 444-1012 to learn more on the silver works, and 232-9368 for McCracken info. MS

3 Saturday

Hey, music fans! Today's your lucky day. Really. We've got two events for you to check out. First, head to the Ancient Mariner (962 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs) at 3 p.m. for The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. There'll be live music non-stop until 1 a.m. in an effort to raise money for Manitou's public school music programs (minimum donations are $3). For more info, call 685-5503.

Next, drag yourself to Jose Muldoon's (222 N. Tejon St.) for the restaurant's sixth annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash. Forget the fact that Rastafarian music and Mexican food have next to nothing in common (and that Jose's is actually celebrating the whole ordeal three days early), OK? Local Jamaican musician Basil Reid will be there doin' his thang, and there'll be drink specials. Oh, and no cover! For more info, call 636-2311. PF

4 Sunday

So, today's Super Bowl Sunday. You could flatline with seven hours of pregame, or you could take some of that time and actually feel something. Go to the East Library (5550 N. Union Blvd.) to see The Courage to Remember: The Holocaust 1933-1943. An opening reception for the traveling exhibit, which features posters and rarely seen original photographs and images, runs from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The highlight: Sara Hauptman, a concentration camp survivor, will sign copies of the book she co-authored, The Lioness of Judah: A Jewish Lion Tamer's Memoir of Resistance and Survival. Call 531-6333 ext. 1200 for more, or just visit the library anytime before Feb. 28. KW

5 Monday

Forget Mexican food that stuff's hella fattening. And I've never been too keen on the musical fruit. Try Mexican film the next time you get a hankering for some south-of-the-border flavor. It's a far healthier choice, both physically and intellectually. Here's a perfect opportunity to see what I'm talking about: At 2 p.m. today, the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center (210 N. Santa Fe Ave., Pueblo) will show and discuss the Mexican cinematic classic, Let's Go with Pancho Villa, in the Buell Children's Museum Magic Carpet Theater. Tickets are $5; for information, call 719/295-7222. PF

6 Tuesday

Historians can go back to the Pentateuch, the Code of Ur-Nammu and the Twelve Tables to find evidence of restorative justice. Impressive ... but we'll stick to Denver for our example. Tonight, you can find out how Denver Public Schools' approach to peaceful and rehabilitative problem-solving has helped scores of students and schools. Tim Turley, of DPS' Prevention and Intervention Initiative, will lead a presentation from 5:30 to 7 at Penrose Library (20 N. Cascade Ave.). It's a free gathering, and for more, you can call 440-1983. KW

7 Wednesday

Always remember the first noble truth: Life is suffering. And also don't forget that other Buddhist gem about life being better lived in the present moment. Heck, who am I to dispense advice? I'm livin' so far in the past and future that I'm wearing fig leaf underwear over space pants. (Or maybe I just find that fashionable.) Anyway, let CC professor David Gardiner tell you what you really need to know about Buddhist virtues like wisdom and compassion at Unity Church (1945 Mesa Road) tonight, and each Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 through Feb. 28. The cost is $10 per lecture; call 389-6616 for more. MS

This week's 7 Days contributors: Pete Freedman, Matthew Schniper, Colin Stroud and Kirk Woundy.

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