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At the Artists Studio Tour and Sale this weekend, you - could win some local art.
  • At the Artists Studio Tour and Sale this weekend, you could win some local art.

9 Thursday

Pardon me, readers, but get off your asses and do something! Offended? Don't be. I just pulled a classic bait-and-switch. I was referring to the term "asses," as in the plural of the word "as," which was a common coin used in ancient Rome. And I was simply imploring you to get off your coin-filled couches. Head to The Money Museum (818 N. Cascade Ave.) from 5 to 7 tonight for the opening of the American Numismatic Association's exhibit The Die is Cast: Money of the Ancient World. They'll back me up here. And it's free to attend, ironically. For more information, call 632-2646. PF

10 Friday

It's a tale as old as time with a twist. This weekend, the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center (210 N. Santa Fe Ave., Pueblo) will be hosting Beauty Lou and the Country Beast as part of the Children's Playhouse Series. The show has three showings 7:30 tonight is the first and it's being performed by our nation's largest touring children's theater troupe, Missoula Children's Theatre. These Missoula folks have been doing children's theater for over 30 years now, so catch them before they delve into adolescent theater, which is, well, awkward at best. Tickets to the performance are $6; second and third showings will occur at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday. For more information, call 719/295-7222. PF

11 Saturday

When I was in Japan two years ago, I visited a museum that hosted the world's largest Taiko drum. My excitement buzz from seeing it just wore off last month. Or maybe that's the Kirin buzz I'm thinking of. Either way, I'm hoping to relive the good times at the seventh annual Japanese Bazaar and Cultural Festival, taking place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at the Business of Art Center (513 Manitou Ave.). In addition to Japanese dancing, a kimono fashion show and a Taiko performance, all of which are free, there will be food, art and crafts for sale. Call 388-7291 or visit for more information. MS

12 Sunday

The Die is Cast: This Money Museum exhibit is sure to be - a real hoot. See it Thursday.
  • The Die is Cast: This Money Museum exhibit is sure to be a real hoot. See it Thursday.

If you take today's Artists' Studio Tour and Sale, you just may wind up somewhere you've never been. In its fourth year, this annual event runs from Manitou Springs to just west of I-25, through 10 studios in such off-the-beaten-artwalk-path locales as Crystal Hills Boulevard, North 17th Street and Beacon Street. Check out paintings, sculptures, stained glass and more from 19 artists including Deb Komitor, Jeannie Breeding and L. Brooke Johnson. It runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today (and 10 to 6 on Saturday), and you can get a comprehensive list of artists and venues at Oh, and if you go, wear that lucky underwear: Each studio will hold a drawing for a free work of art. KW

13 Monday

On his "Sturgeon's Law" blog (, Steve Schroeder just seems like such a nice guy. Recent posts include an open solicitation for career-quandary advice; photos of the season's first blizzard; a fantasy football update; and a call to get out and vote. If ever anyone could make you feel comfortable enough to read poetry aloud, it could be Schroeder, who also happens to edit local poetry journal The Eleventh Muse. He's featured at this month's Blue Streak Poetry Open Mike, from 7 to 9 tonight at Poor Richard's Caf and Wine Bar (320 N. Tejon St.). If you're not ready to read, just come and listen. Call 200-4268 with questions. KW



Get a sneak peek at local activist and filmmaker Dave Gardner's new documentary Choking on Growth: Our Misguided Quest for Prosperity at 7 tonight. Gardner, the founder of the Save the Springs sustainability advocacy group, will discuss conservation, "smart" growth and other responsible topics that often cause hungry developers to choke on expensive caviar. The free lecture and film preview highlight this month's meeting of the Pikes Peak Group of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club at the Colorado Division of Wildlife (4255 Sinton Road). Call Jim at 385-0045 for more information, or visit MS

15 Wednesday

If you haven't yet seen Eric Christen and Sandy Shakes' raucous antics on the District 11 board, your days might be waning. Tonight, school yourself on what our readers voted as this year's Best Local Scandal; the troubled seven-member board is sure to yap, finger-point and name-blame the evening away at its weekly meeting. In less than a month, Christen and Shakes will face a recall that could terminate their board positions and instate two (yawn) quieter members in their stead. Go to the Board Room at the Administration Building (1115 N. El Paso St.) at 6:30 p.m. Hurry before D-11 gets boring; call 520-2000 for more.

NZ This week's contributors: Pete Freedman, Matthew Schniper, Kirk Woundy and Naomi Zeveloff.

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