Go figure  Richard Hoges original oils on display at LIW Cargo
  • Go figure Richard Hoges original oils on display at LIW Cargo

04 Thursday

It's almost too much to bear. As you know, the First Thursday After Hours program at the Fine Arts Center (634-5581) has been touted as the hip new way to meet that handsome Kennedy of an art lover you've been trailing. The free food from Il Vicino will give you the energy you need to go trolling for literati. Plus, there's live music and a cash bar, enabling you to flash your wealth. But the real reason to go is the world premier of Desert Boy on a Stick, which happens to fall on the very same night. James Magee's giganto sculptures so impressed composer Bob Ostertag that he ran right home and called cellist Joan Jeanrenaud. They all met again in the Texas desert, where Ostertag spontaneously composed, Jeanrenaud played, and Magee recited the prose-like titles to his works. Do you understand what this is? This is cool. This is modern. This is happening in our town, and were you to pass on this, you would be losing a chance to event-drop around the office tomorrow. The First Thursday program runs from 5 to 8 p.m. and costs $4 for members, $8 for non-members. The premier begins at 7 p.m. and is free. Get on it.

05 Friday

Annie Get Your Gun, the spunky little collection of numbers about Miss Annie Oakley, opens tonight at the Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale St. Tickets run from $20 to $25. Go nuts and call 634-5583. The show runs through Oct. 21.

Did you know that some 200 dogs are among those participating in the search in New York? Check out emergency.asp for a rundown on the amazing ways dogs have earned their kibble. For example, one Seeing Eye dog led her master down from the 78th floor to safety, and many firefighters and rescue personnel say the dogs' comforting presence helps them to deal with the situation. So we've established that dogs rock, but even more so do the people who care for them. Locally, we have the Dreapower Animal Rescue Foundation, a selfless group of volunteers who make room in their homes and wallets for animals with nowhere to go. They keep them until a suitable home is found -- they never put them down. The Red Cross is a truly worthy cause, but save some money for Dreampower, all right? They're having a benefit dinner and auction tonight at 5:30 called Whiskers & Wine and it's at The Warehouse. Call 390-7838 for details.

They're paying motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer $18,500 to talk to you tonight at the Pikes Peak Center. Does that motivate you to pitch in? Call 520-SHOW to find out what Wayne has to say.

06 Saturday

Lucie Blue Tremblay is a terribly big deal. (She sang with James Taylor, you know.) Tonight, the singer makes a rare appearance at Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church, 1102 S. 21st St. Tickets are $22.50, but $75 buys you sparkling conversation with Ms. Tremblay herself at a private reception. Call 634-3771. Eight o'clock, people.

Good name, Earl. Solid, humble. Slightly Southern. Probably digs cement-block rock: Georgia Satellites and the Allman Brothers. But Earl did move to Boulder, so I'd bet you can throw some brassy funk in there too, something to reflect newfound freedom from the humid Louisiana swamps from which Earl came. Earl plans on strumming a few tunes down at the Utopia Caf tonight at 8:30, and he's playing for free. Call 633-1080.

Just a quick note: Bethany Lutheran Church at 1401 S. 8th Street is offering a Blessing of Animals at 2 o'clock in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It's nice to know somebody besides you and the pound is looking out for your pets. All animals are welcome. Call 632-9017.

07 Sunday

Just look at the picture -- it's reason enough to visit LIW Cargo on Manitou Avenue and view Richard Hoge's original oils. Call 685-0452. The reception starts tonight at 6.

08 Monday

Regardez, ma ptisserie remplie par pudding doux, ils sont des films de criblage de la patrie l'universit du Colorado ce mois! Le ce soir est La Bete Humain, l'histoire d'un mcanicien de locomotive mentalement non quilibr qui trace pour assassiner le mari de matre de station de la femme qu'il baise longtemps et avec de l'nergie. Et sacre bleu, il est libre! Les films commencent 7 dans le thtre de Max Kade, mais nous, ma passiflore comestible complte par glaage, serez l premiers afin d'assurer des siges dans la ligne arrire, ou je devour de bidon vous aime l'chine de porc charge de sauce au jus que vous tes.

The above notice was written with the help of the translating system. For those not fluent in French, there are free French films at Colorado College at 7 p.m. Call 389-6607. The Independent, while totally to blame, assumes no responsibility for the shocking nonsense that may have appeared above.

09 Tuesday

So here's what you're doing today: contemplating. Here's your topic: America is not so much land, or states, or democratic government officials as it is, and always has been, ideals. We are free people; we do as we please for good or evil. Our society has always been based on a mighty dose of do-it-yourselfishness, and we're proud of that. It's our spirit to be overtly confident, to strut, to flirt, to laugh too loud and too long. We can. We're free. Nobody can take that away, because it's in our blood. You can proclaim us dirty, and we'll make a point of brushing up against you. Condemn our sex lives, and we'll buy you a lap dance. Say we drink too much and we'll challenge you to round of quarters -- and we'll win every time. Look. You can threaten our very way of life, but we're still going to make fun of your shoes. There is nothing, nothing that could ever be done or said that will ever keep us from laughter. There's simply no way to break us.

Talk amongst yourselves.

10 Wednesday

You can't buy an American flag to save your soul. WalMart is even out of blue and red ribbon, for God's sake, and it's tooth and claw on eBay's Americana auctions. So therefore, in order to capture the flag of your dreams, the one you know you should have had to begin with, the flag that was meant for you, the flag that you know you would treat so fine, you're going to have to resort to good old-fashioned stalking. See Stalking the Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem, a free lecture by Lonn Taylor in Colorado College's Gaylord Hall today at noon. And just so you don't get lost, Gaylord Hall is in the Worner Center, on the northwest corner of Cascade and Cache La Poudre. Call 389-6607 for more.

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