One down, 141 to go. Old Colorado City celebrates its 142nd birthday this weekend.
  • One down, 141 to go. Old Colorado City celebrates its 142nd birthday this weekend.

We've got it all this week: cowboys, God, Broadway, heartfelt acoustic music, reels, Dean Martin and even a little Satan. But if you don't find an event to suit your taste here, check out The Listings on page 36 or online at Everything you ever wanted to see and or do is included in our far-reaching calendar. Not to mention the fact that many an hour was spent procuring said calendar information, and it would break my precious little heart if you all did not use my life's work to its fullest.



Here's the God part: The Extreme Tour settles down today in Acacia Park (corner of Bijou and Tejon), and will proceed to get plain funky in the holy way from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and again tomorrow from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Over 20 -- count 'em twenty -- Christian alternative, hip-hop, pop, and rock bands will perform for free. You can find out more by calling 591-8800.

As you may know, our predecessors of a century past had the forethought to make us a time capsule full of goodies, which was opened a few months ago. Included in the Colorado College Century Chest were many, many letters explaining daily life at the turn of the century, and some of those letters will be read tonight at A Frontier Firelight Evening: Voices from the Past. A Virginia Reel will follow the readings at Rock Ledge Ranch (at the east entrance to Garden of the Gods at 30th Street). If you want to pretend you're Laura Ingalls, Rock Ledge is the place to do it. Bring a flashlight and a blanket to sit on; pioneers didn't have camp chairs. The 7 p.m. program is free. For more information, call 578-6777.

10 Friday

Julie and Richard, and Richard and Julie, no matter how you toss the dice, they're meant to be ... playing acoustic music up at Black Rose tonight. Richard Smith, a southpaw guitar player who learned to play right-handed, and his wife Julie, a world-class cellist, have garnered praise from the likes of Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel. The couple performs tonight at 7:30 at the open stage. Admission is $2 to $4; call 278-8108 for more.

11 Saturday

It is a general rule in Newspaperland that, above all, you must avoid regurgitating press releases. In this case, that rule is stupid, because the folks over at the Smokebrush Cabaret can describe this play much better than I, so let me provide you with their description of Things to Say: "Circa 1994. Lincoln, Nebraska. A man in a cowboy hat pulls a gun on a video store clerk after hearing the movie Midnight Cowboy was no longer available. Then, he explains that he is the reincarnated soul of St. Valentine, sent to earth to kill Ethan Hawk. Terrified at the site of the gun, the clerk stood motionless as the man in the cowboy hat smashed and shot every other Ethan Hawk movie in the entire video store. The man in the cowboy hat was never seen again. Things to Say is a story about what might bring a man to such desperate behavior." You see? Much better. Sounds rather interesting -- in an independent film kind of way -- don't you think? Tickets are $10 and the play begins at 7 p.m. Call 444-0884.

The swinging Dean Martin on screen Tuesday at the FAC
  • The swinging Dean Martin on screen Tuesday at the FAC

It's been 142 years since Old Colorado City decided to spring up and, ever since, it's been the fun, lighthearted alternative to stuffy, stodgy old Colorado Springs. This weekend, all of the good things about the beautiful little enclave on the West Side are honored with the Old Colorado City 142nd Birthday Celebration in Bancroft Park, at 24th Street and Colorado Avenue. Live music, theater, Native American culture, food, arts and crafts, and much more will be featured. Admission is free. The party runs today from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 636-1225 for more.

12 Sunday

If you crave jazz, run over to Packard Hall, on the southwest corner of Cascade and Cache La Poudre on the Colorado College campus. The Vocal Arts Symposium participants are planning on taking on the kings of Broadway -- Gershwin, Porter, Berlin and Kern. That's right, the students will go head to head with some of the most famous jazz show tunes ever written during the Tribute to the Great White Way at 3 p.m. It might very well get bloody. Tickets are $5 to $10; call 389-6607.

13 Monday

Today would be a good day to go to Denver. There you'll find Bruce Campbell reading from and signing his book, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of "B" Movie Actor, at the Tattered Cover LoDo, 303/436-1070. Campbell is a director and actor with a big cult following -- he's the "King of Theives" on Zena, was Brisco County, Jr. and is responsible for the Evil Dead trilogy. Campbell likes kitsch -- lots and lots of kitsch. Admission to the reading is free, but you'll need a ticket for the line; they're available at 6:30 p.m. Campbell reads at 7:30 p.m.

14 Tuesday

I personally do not understand the connection between Satan and growling and playing guitars like musical battering rams. In my imagination, Ol' Nick sits in a mood-lit cave down in hell, wearing a red satin smoking jacket while he sits in a leather wingback chair listening to Dean Martin or Louis Prima and chuckling gleefully over the latest London tabloids. I believe that, after all these years, the devil has become refined in his vices, like Paris or Hugh Hefner. Or, he really does dig death metal and he's learning how to play the bass right now. I don't know. If he is, it will do well for Brazilian band Krisiun to keep on keepin' on with their dark music; they might earn some kind of Satanic brownie points, maybe even become (dare to hope!) minions. They perform tonight with the equally blasphemous Immolation at 7 p.m. at the Colorado Music Hall, 2475 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Tickets are $10, but if you're Satan just show some I.D. and you pay nothing. Call 447-9797.

Speaking of Dean Martin, he does a fabulous job of playing a suave cowboy opposite John Wayne in Rio Bravo, the film being shown tonight at the Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale St. Ricky Nelson is in there too, wearing tight jeans and singing cowboy love songs. Whoo, boy. Tickets are only $3; call 634-5583. The movie starts at 7:30 p.m.

15 Wednesday

Come on, it's Wednesday. We all need to face the fact that not much happens on a Wednesday, and even if it does, it's the middle of the week and we're all too involved to do anything too complicated. So here are some simple suggestions: Bristol Brewing's got Joe Jacquez and Magic Dave tonight (633-2555); there's a 19-piece contemporary jazz band at Rum Bay (634-3522); and Genghis Kahn (635-3131) has a reportedly smokin' jazz and blues night with the best of the local musician stock. Go forth, young ones, and have fun.

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