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9 Thursday


My dad explains away our differences by joking that the mailman is my real father, but sometimes the humorous attempts to shed biological responsibility do make me wonder. Anyway, if likewise you've ever felt like the family misfit, then tonight's performance of Chewed Bread could be your slice of, well, bread. Starting at 7, writers and performers Nisa Ari and Paz Pardo play two sisters who, in the aftermath of their father's death, sort through how his teachings shaped their differences. The play also incorporates an unscientific look at the placebo effect, and shows through June 12 at the Manitou Art Theatre (1367 Pecan St., Tickets are $10.50 in advance, or $12 at the door. — Jenny Rackl


10 Friday

music and grub

In this era of rampant child obesity, it's good to know there's still a place for a kids' ice-cream eating contest. That place is Pueblo's Riverwalk (101 S. Union Ave., Pueblo), where Boats, Bands and Bar-B-Que unfolds this weekend. Fearless tykes (and adults) will comp-eat in the ice cream category at 7:30 tonight (a half-hour after similar chicken-wing eating contests), but the rest of us can enjoy vendors aplenty, a couple tasting competitions and the Overton Road band on the main stage. Oh, and a "Kids Q," where the little ones cook up some nice red meat. (Damn, they do get 'em started early, don't they?) Admission's $3 or less, and for a full event schedule — tomorrow's actually the big day — you can see — Kirk Woundy


11 Saturday


A good friend of mine used to be a juggler at the Colorado Renaissance Festival (650 W. Perry Park Ave., Larkspur, I still crack up every time he grabs a few beanbags or three oranges, tosses them in the air and says, "Watch me juggle me balls!" Perhaps I'm too old to be laughing at a joke like this, but if you, like me, enjoy that sort of thing, you'll be excited to know that today kicks off Ren Fest season. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 6:30 through July 31, you can catch comedians "Puke & Snot," live jousting, sword swallowers and more for a mere $18.95 for adults and $8 for children (free under 5). — Kirsten Akens


12 Sunday

food and drink

The Taste of the Springs is one of those events where you pay, enter and pound the eats of some 30 restaurants, except it's cheaper than most and goes to a better cause. Of course, no offense meant to various children's chorales and women's groups, but it's hard to argue with an organization that's going to take your $65 ticket and turn it into food for a 10-year-old whose parents are deciding whether to cook, or to pay the utility bill so that there's something to cook with. So consider visiting the Crowne Plaza Hotel (2886 S. Circle Drive, at 3, and doing your part by grubbing on selections from, among others, the Margarita at PineCreek, Barista Espresso and Bristol Brewing Co. — Bryce Crawford


13 Monday


I saw the Pikes Peak Derby Dames for the first time last year, and it made my blood pump. The girls were tough and cool, and I wanted to be one of them. Having purchased skates, I've now got a shot at Roller Derby Recruit Night. At 8 tonight, women interested in becoming Dames can meet at Skate City (1920 N. Academy Blvd.,, where they'll learn what it takes, including what kind of gear you need, the time commitment involved, and requirements related to event attendance. Attendees are also welcome to bring skates and roll with the team members. Make sure to practice, though, because these girls have skills. — Cherise Fantus


14 Tuesday


Especially with the dawn of Twilight, pale, pseudo-attractive humans have dominated everything vampire, while bats — the original inspiration for the vampire myth — get left in the dark. To see the great-godfathers of the fanged movement, call to make reservations (219-0108) and then drive out to the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center (1805 N. 30th St., to catch guided bat tours every Tuesday through August. The 2½-hour stretch begins at 6:30, and attendees are encouraged to bring sturdy shoes, water and a flashlight. Children under 6 years of age are encouraged to stay home; the dark's not really their thing, anyway. — Demetrius Burns


15 Wednesday


If you don't own a convertible but still enjoy the wind in your hair, gear-up for the 18th annual Ride Your Bike to Work Day sponsored by Metro Rides. The Mayor's ride (yes, with the new mayor) begins at 6 a.m. at University Village Colorado (4880-5342 N. Nevada Ave., north parking area, where bikers will ride from the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (215 S. Tejon St.). At the Museum, riders will meet other biking enthusiasts to enjoy breakfast, entertainment and prize drawings. Other breakfast locations include: Salsa Brava Rockrimmon, Salsa Brava Briargate and Chick-fil-A North Carefree. Register for $5 at — Jenny Rackl

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