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5 Thursday


Go to Colorado College ( today to be carried away via documentary film to two exotic pockets of America. From your chair in the W.E.S. Room (902 N. Cascade Ave.) at 2 p.m., visit a lesbian New York subculture in The Aggressives. Daniel Peddle documents five years in the lives of six women who assume traditionally masculine roles and compete in predominantly African-American drag balls. Next, catch Welcome to Shelbyville at 6 or 8 p.m. at the Cornerstone Arts Center (825 N. Cascade Ave.). This film by Kim Snyder shows the integration process a conservative Tennessee town undergoes when an influx of Latinos and Somalian refugees raises concerns about jobs, safety and religious practices. Both films are free. — Eric Calder


6 Friday


In recent years, Colorado Springs has become a mecca for reborn and/or recycled musical acts, who come here milking the last of their fame from years and decades past. So it is this weekend at the Pikes Peak Center (190 S. Cascade Ave., with the Temptations (led by one original member, Otis Williams, still in the group) at 8 tonight for $35 a seat, followed by the Moody Blues (with three originals) at 7 p.m. Sunday, for $52.50 to $62.50. So you can start with "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," then follow it up with "Nights in White Satin" and "Tuesday Afternoon." What's next? A Supremes-and-Steely Dan weekend? — Ralph Routon


7 Saturday

fanboy fodder

Smart boys and girls will of course be focused on giving a nice gift tomorrow on Mother's Day. But smarter boys and girls will factor in receiving a nice gift today on Free Comic Book Day. As an unending string of Hollywood films attests, admitting that you enjoy comics no longer relegates you to a loser's life in the eyes of others. Visit to preview this year's batch of goodies, and to find out the multiple locations regionally from which you can grab a book throughout the day. — Matthew Schniper


8 Sunday


Dude, is everyone aware of the way Annie Get Your Gun ends? Excuse the spoiler, but I've got to rant: Did she seriously throw the big shooting competition to soothe the ego of her on-again, off-again lover? Maybe I don't know what love is, or maybe Annie's own ego was too large. Or something. If there's some awesomely dark psychological twist in there, someone please let me know. At 2 today you have your chance, because for $12 you can see this classic staged at the Damon Runyon Theater (611 N. Main St., Pueblo, Other weekend night and matinee performances run through May 22. (Ticket prices for those range from $12 to $20.) — Edie Adelstein


9 Monday


Earth is the only planet in the solar system with tectonic plates. This kind of matters because, as microscopic plants in the ocean die, they fall to the bottom and into the crust of the Earth, where plates are grinding underneath each other. This effectively recycles carbon and keeps our planet from enjoying a Venus-like "runaway greenhouse effect," says Having just read the power of the plate, don't be surprised if your mind just crumbles in amazement at tonight's free 6:30 lecture and Q&A: "Plate Tectonics and the History of Mountains on Earth" at Jack Quinn Irish Alehouse & Pub (21 S. Tejon St., — Bryce Crawford


10 Tuesday


In apartheid South Africa, inter-race restrictions resulted in cultural boycotts, as well as the self-exile of many who saw the situation as hopeless. One musician who stuck it out long enough to see change was Johnny Clegg, who fronted the first racially mixed South African band, Juluka, alongside Zulu musician Sipho Mchunu. The group became hugely popular, even though what it was doing was against the law and got it banned from the airwaves. Apartheid collapsed in 1994, but the musical activist is still going strong and will be proving it tonight at the L2 Arts and Culture Center (1477 Columbine St., Denver, It's at 8 p.m., $28 in advance, $30 at the door, with $2 off for Swallow Hill members. — Bill Forman


11 Wednesday


The only thing better than going to see Grease the Musical would be driving to the show in a 1950s Thunderbird, wearing a leather jacket with "T-Birds" written on the back. You'd of course also have to be blasting "Summer Nights" with the top down from your vintage stereo system. But let's face it, in this economy we're probably lucky to get to the Pikes Peak Center (190 S. Cascade Ave.,, $40.50-$60.50) in that '91 Ford Fiesta. We can still dream, can't we? The show starts at 7:30 and plays tomorrow as well, same time, same place. — Matthew Ruppert

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