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Lets be clear  we deal in lead. Nothin else.
  • Lets be clear we deal in lead. Nothin else.



Plenty of people talk about promoting positive change in the world, but how many actually take action? Local author and social activist Tony Bottagaro stands as a fine example of a man on his feet rather than his couch. In his new novel, The Poet, The Count and The Peddler, Bottagaro takes on the greedy, corrupt forces that he argues pervade much of our society. With excerpts like, "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis," Bottagaro goes for the throat. Meet the author at 7 tonight at Briargate Borders (1710 Briargate Blvd.) and hear his vision of a more socially conscious world. Call 266-1600 for more information. MS



If it seems to you like Joe Cocker is more small-town than big-city, you're on to something. Turns out the rusty-chain-voiced pop legend and his wife, Pam, have lived in Crawford, Colo. (pop: 366), since 1992. But rather than seek solitude, the Cockers have put their arms around the entire community, funding over $200,000 in projects to benefit local children through the Cocker Kids' Foundation. Now 62, Joe still ventures out of Crawford to sing "You Are So Beautiful," "With a Little Help from my Friends" and dozens of his other hits. Tonight, he's at the Paramount Theatre (1621 Glenarm Place, Denver). For $45 to $65 tickets, call 520-9090 or visit KW




"Drink a beer, save a tree," say the organizers of the 2006 Craft Lager Festival. Assuming you've got about $20 for entry and a ride to Soda Springs Park (1016 Manitou Ave.) sometime between noon and 6 p.m., how could you say no? Wait, what? You don't like carbonation? You're allergic to barley? Come on. Once the swelling subsides, you'll rest easy knowing you supported trails and open spaces of the Pikes Peak region. The beer, which includes some hand-crafted concoctions, should be worth it. And you'll get The Big Paddy Band headlining the local music. Visit for advance tickets. KW

The ninth annual Cemetery Crawl is your chance to crawl through a cemetery on your hands and knees. OK, so maybe that's not exactly what happens. Think pub crawl, minus the beer. Then substitute tombstones for pubs, and actors dressed as pioneer doctors and Civil War sergeants and such for bartenders. At each tombstone, actors will tell stories of citizens who lived or were buried in Old Colorado City around the turn of the century. The $3-$7 event goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Fairview Cemetery (1000 S. 26th St.). You may not end up with the one-night stand that many pub crawlers enjoy, but I could be wrong period attire can be very sexy. Call 636-1225 for more information. JS



Well, it's Monday again, that day of the week when concerts and events are as scarce as fossil fuels. It's times like this that I recommend reflecting on what you can do for someone else, rather than trying to appease your insatiable appetite for fun. But, hey, who said volunteer work can't be fun? The Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center (495-3908) provides rewarding work around horses, and the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (471-7736) can take you on a working camping trip in September, in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. And that's just the beginning; check out our volunteer listings on page 37 of this issue, and find the right organization for you. MS

Though not up for any Most Beautiful People honors, - Genghis Tron wins the Best Band Name award.
  • Though not up for any Most Beautiful People honors, Genghis Tron wins the Best Band Name award.



Only once in a lifetime does a classic like "Pour Some Sugar on Me" come around and stupify the masses with the power and magic of glam-rock. Ever after, the world only grows colder, darker and lonelier. But to revisit the euphoric era and sip once again of the rock-god nectar, one needs only to head to Red Rocks Amphitheatre (18300 W. Alameda Pkwy., Morrison) at 7:30 tonight. Tearing off the roof if there were one will be Def Leppard and Journey. "Don't Stop Believin'" that tickets will set you back $65 to $85 per seat. You can get them at MS



I'll be honest. It's the name alone that'll get me out to The Black Sheep (2106 E. Platte Ave.) at 8 tonight. Genghis Tron: How can you beat that? That's, like, the best band tribute to a ruthless conqueror since The Attila the Hun Mandolin Project. (Busted ... I made that up.) It's cool that Genghis Tron is an electro-grindcore band from Philly, but I'd still have gone to see them even if they were a kazoo-and-bongo outfit from North Dakota. I just can't get over that killer name. Tickets to the all-ages show are $8; visit to grab a pair. MS

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