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Doug Chiang illustrates how the War of 1812 was really - fought at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Centers Robota - exhibit, on display from May 6 through August 12.
  • Doug Chiang illustrates how the War of 1812 was really fought at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Centers Robota exhibit, on display from May 6 through August 12.

4 Thursday

Ranjanaa Devi and the Nataraj Dancers will present Odissi-style Indian dance at 7:30 this evening at CC's Packard Hall (5 W. Cache la Poudre St.). Prior to the performance, Devi will lecture on "Looking Back and Forward: Classical Dance in India." (Apparently, classical Indian dance is like crossing a street; just look both ways and check your surroundings before busting a move.) A catered reception will follow the free demonstration, which will allow guests to practice my personally perfected method of "Looking Left to Right: Discreetly Stuffing Your Face at a Free Banquet." Happy viewing and bon apptit. Call 389-6607 for more information. MS

5 Friday

Spend your Cinco de Mayo with a legend who isn't named Jose Cuervo. Jaime Escalante, Presidential Medal-winning educator and subject of the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver, is keynoting the 23rd annual Recognition Banquet of El Cinco de Mayo. The Bolivian-born Escalante earned national acclaim for inspiring troubled East L.A. teens who most considered "unteachable" to believe in themselves and succeed in calculus. Tonight's $60 banquet starts at 5:30 at the Antlers Hilton (4 S. Cascade Ave.) and will feature dinner, entertainment, dancing and recognition of El Cinco de Mayo's sponsors and award recipients. The culturally oriented nonprofit also is offering a free lecture by Escalante on Thursday night at UCCS. For more info, visit or call Chris at 520-2416. KW

6 Saturday

Star Wars geeks, tech freaks and sci-fi nerds, brace yourselves: Doug Chiang's Robota, part of the Zero Gravity exhibition at the Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center (210 N. Santa Fe Ave.), starts today. "Who's Doug Chiang?" you ask. Get back to your mom's house, rookie. Chiang is the Academy Award-winning artist from such projects as Episode I (and II), War of the Worlds and Terminator 2. He also co-wrote the "film book" Robota with the legendary Orson Scott Card. Chiang toys with the imagery of nature and technology while creating epic fantasy landscapes and creatures in his works. The exhibit costs $4 for non-members ($3 for children) and runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 719/295-7200 or visit for more. MS

Slug, from Atmosphere, will teach you the true meaning - of hippity-hop at the Boulder Theater on Monday night.
  • Slug, from Atmosphere, will teach you the true meaning of hippity-hop at the Boulder Theater on Monday night.

7 Sunday

"Pass me that dam trowel!" "I love this dam volunteering!" Most everyone, no matter how old, enjoys making sophomoric "dam" jokes. Immerse yourself in dam heaven (wait a minute ...) with the Community Restoration Program at Garden of the Gods (1805 N. 30th St.). This weekend, and over three of the next six weekends, the Rocky Mountain Field Institute will be leading volunteers in building small check dams to slow storm water and to trap sediment that runs down the Garden's old social trails. The RMFI would prefer you reserve a spot a week in advance, if possible contact Liz Nichol at 471-7736 or at KW

8 Monday

Growing up in North Dakota, all you'd hear about is how desirable employers would find the "Midwestern work ethic," as if we folks among the winter wheat personified all things hard-working and down-to-earth. Lo, there appears to be a Midwestern rap ethic as well, as evidenced by the emergence of thoughtful, non-blingy groups like Atmosphere. Hailing from Minneapolis, the duo has wooed critics with the Lucy Ford EP and their latest full-length, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having. Atmosphere will be performing in a much higher elevation tonight, when they take the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St., Boulder) stage with Los Nativos and Brother Ali. Tonight's show starts at 8 and is all ages. Tickets ($25) are sold out, but you know some entrepreneurial types will be selling outside. KL

9 Tuesday

When I think Whole Foods Market (7635 N. Academy Blvd.), I think organic produce, an amazing salad bar, and, above all, tasty sampler snacks that are better than anything I have in my cupboards at home. I do not, however, think of raptors definitely not the scary, fast ones from Jurassic Park, and not even owls, hawks or other birds of prey. Today, I should. Whole Foods isn't selling raptors for din-din (one would think they'd be a bit stringy); rather, the Ellicott Wildlife Rehab Center Raptor Program is hosting activities, kids' programs and live bird presentations with Handsome, an American Kestrel, today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In return, the program will get 5 percent of all proceeds from the store's till. Call 683-8152 or visit for more info. KL

10 Wednesday

As long as you didn't get caught stuffing your face Thursday at the Indian dance show, it's probably safe to return to Colorado College at 7:30 tonight for Dr. Amy Johnson Frykholm's presentation, "The Raptured Woman, the Whore of Babylon, and God's SUV" in the Slocum Commons (130 E. Cache la Poudre St.). Frykholm is best-known for her book, Rapture Culture: "Left Behind' in Evangelical America, which delves into the pop phenomena of the Left Behind novels, which were co-authored by Colorado Springs' Jerry B. Jenkins. All I can say is, if a rapture happens, I hope I get left behind, because, "Hey free clothes!" Call 389-6607 for more information. MS

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