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Seeing double at Witty Pork's


Witty's chicken bacon ranch tacos. - MATTHEW SCHNIPER
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Witty's chicken bacon ranch tacos.
For a moment we’re seeing double: Witty Pork’s Woodfired Pizza alongside Witty Pork’s Street Treats at Food Truck (Mobile business, 426-1090, Tuesday at the Pioneers Museum. We’d reviewed the pizza truck late last year, but had not yet tried the Street Treats truck: part ice creams and shakes, part savory items. We order a pulled pork slopper ($9.50 includes fries, chips or slaw) and chicken bacon ranch tacos ($7.50/three; flour or corn).

Dripping-wet tangy slaw with the slopper holds a surprising cayenne bite, with the house-made green chile bearing medium heat but a nice deep earthy flavor that dovetails beautifully into lightly smoky but juicy and intermittently fatty pork hunks. The double-layer corn tacos rate fine but less exciting, still brewery-friendly as ranch- and chewy bacon-rich drinking food, but they’re kind of Plain Jane with char-flavored chicken and no gourmet twist that could elevate them past something easily cooked at home.

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