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I was so moved by the latest installments of the downtown's US Bank Art on the Streets program that I felt compelled to further immortalize some of the already more-or-less immortal sculptures in verse. Let me not sully them with any further with this prosaic prose.

"Moon Creature III" by Reven M. Swanson

South side of Pikes Peak Avenue between Tejon and Nevada

Like a fancy boy light in his loafers

The air is "Moon Creature"'s lone chauffer

Driving him round 'n' round

Hardly making a sound

Like the plight of the African gopher

"Spirit of the Rockies" by Ivan Kosta

On the median of Pikes Peak Avenue between Tejon and Nevada

Kosta's "Spirit" suggests darker power

An evil from which we should cower

Like in Lord of the Rings

Darkness reigns in the Springs --

It's a likeness of Saruman's Tower!

"Gifts" by James Dixon

Southeast corner of Platte Avenue and Tejon Street

"Um, so like, uh, what is this?"

Said the critic as he opened his "Gifts"

"I mean, thanks ... uh, I guess "But I, uh, I should really confess

"That I'm really not that good at discus."

"H.D." by Kimber Fiebiger

Only The Shadow knows.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king's horses

And all the king's men

Just want whoever the hell stole him to bring him back again.

"Steer" by Christopher Weed

Northeast corner of Cascade Avenue and Kiowa Street

There's somethin' ain't right 'bout this "Steer."

In fact, that thar steer is right queer

Just look at it his hiney

It's polished 'n' shiny

And down thar he ain't got him no gear.

"Primrose" by Dawn Weimar

On the median of Pikes Peak Avenue between Tejon and Nevada

This donkey is so apropos

Cuz he sums up what everyone knows:

This town pretends class

But it's just a jackass

Parading in emperor's clothes


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