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Salt-Baked Carrot and Beet Bisque Shooters with Cinnamon Crème

Salt-Baked Carrot and Beet Bisque Shooters with Cinnamon Crème - BRIENNE BOORTZ
  • Brienne Boortz
  • Salt-Baked Carrot and Beet Bisque Shooters with Cinnamon Crème


For Bisque:

4 large carrots (unpeeled)

4 golden stripped beets (unpeeled)

4 c. kosher salt

2 qts. vegetable stock

2 c. heavy whipping cream

salt and white pepper to taste

For Cinnamon Crème:

1 c. heavy whipping cream

1 tsp. ground cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place kosher salt in the bottom of a baking pan, creating a bed of salt for the vegetables. Place carrots and beets atop the salt. Bake vegetables for 1 hour, or until vegetables are fork tender.

While they cool, bring the vegetable stock to a boil in a saucepan on the stove. Peel the carrots and beets, and add them to the boiling stock. Simmer the ingredients for 15 to 25 minutes.

Take an immersion blender (a regular blender will work fine, too) and blend the ingredients together until vegetables become pulpy (not chunky). Add 2 cups of heavy cream and let simmer for 10 to 15 more minutes on low heat. Strain the soup, using a china cap or colander with fine screening. You may leave the soup un-strained if you prefer.

For Cinnamon Crème:

Whip heavy cream and cinnamon in a kitchen mixer until the cream becomes stiff, like whipped cream.

Place 2 ounces of hot soup into a votive cup or shot glass. You may also use tea cups, or any desired serving dish. Place a dollop of cinnamon cream on top, and enjoy!


The salt-baked carrot and beet soup shooter is the perfect touch to an afternoon or dinner party. The richness of the broth combined with the bright color and freshness of the carrots and sweetness of the beets is outstanding. Baking the vegetables in a bed of salt allows the vegetables to naturally season themselves, and baking them in their skins brings out the natural sugars. This soup is a fantastic spin on everyday recipes, and is sure to be a hit.

— Submitted by Picnic Basket Catering executive chef Jenna Hines

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