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Rump and circumstance



Leaving high school is a milestone in any young person's life -- especially when you leave in the back of a cop car. On May 25, Palmer High School graduating senior Josh Leaming decided that the thousands of parents, relatives and friends gathered at the World Arena needed to see not just their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews in cap and gown regalia, but his bare butt as well.

Now enrolled at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Ore., Leaming says his mooning went better than expected. However, his dropping of trow and gown was immediately followed by a moment of extreme panic. That's because the crowd's congratulatory applause screeched to a gasping halt. Leaming said he feared that no one thought the joke was funny. But his mind was soon put to rest as he righted himself, made a victory sign with his arms, and the crowd erupted into cheers.

Leaming says he moons people quite frequently and that Steve O. of the Jackass crew (of MTV fame) is someone for which he has enormous respect.

Josh's father Eric said that though he was surprised by his son's act, he probably should have seen it coming.

"I told his mother that when he graduates from college, I'm doing it to him," Leaming Sr. said.

Though he's scheduled to appear in city court later this month on charges of disorderly conduct, contrition is in short supply from Leaming, who mentions that his alternative prank was to prance around stage in a tuxedo-themed jock strap.

Perhaps the World Arena got off easy.

When asked what makes his ass so special that it merits an audience, Leaming cited his tattoo. Inscribed on his right cheek are the words "Your Name."

--John Dicker

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