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Rumor squashed!


Getting on TV is no big deal for The Gourds, considering - they live on film.
  • Getting on TV is no big deal for The Gourds, considering they live on film.

Kevin Russell downplays the fact that his band, The Gourds, performed in the Nov. 14 episode of NBC's "Friday Night Lights."

"Yeah," he says, when it's brought up, "but you wouldn't have known."

It was just one scene, but Russell says his Austin, Texas-based alt-country act was glad to make the appearance and they were blown away by just how familiar one production assistant was with their work.

"The way he talked, he knew some crazy shit about us," Russell says. "The stuff only superfans know."

It's an ironic anecdote to hear Russell tell, given the band's history.

The Gourds have been called the best live band in Austin by the Austin American-Statesman and they've released nine albums since their 1997 debut. But, thanks to the Internet, some of The Gourds' fans aren't even aware that they are fans.

A few years back, it was pointed out to Russell that his band's popular cover of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice" was making its rounds across the Internet with the credit instead going to acts like Garth Brooks or jam-band heroes Phish. Napster told him nothing could be done to fix the error.

"It's a bit of an albatross in some ways, that song," Russell says. "It has a life of its own."

To be fair, "Gin and Juice" doesn't really sound like a traditional The Gourds record. Still, Russell says his band realizes where its bread has been buttered.

"We don't play it every night," he says. "But we still like to. It's a great party song. It gets people going."

The Gourds with Drag the River

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