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EndeverafteRs motto: Kid-tested, Bret Michaels- - approved.
  • EndeverafteRs motto: Kid-tested, Bret Michaels- approved.

If it's true that history repeats itself and that things do, indeed, move in cycles, well, then, you have to give some credit to the Los Angeles-based sleaze rock outfit EndeverafteR. Because, in such a world, EndeverafteR and its members guitarist-vocalist Michael Grant, guitarist Kristan Mallory, bassist Tommi Andrews and drummer Eric Humbert are ahead of the curve. With their hair long and feathered, their clothes tight (and, of course, made of leather) and with a lead singer whose good looks border on androgyny, the members of EndeverafteR purposefully hope to ring in a "new" era for music by offering up some that's actually quite familiar.

Remember Mtley Cre? Poison? Ratt? Bands that played chugging bass lines, shrieking vocals and wailing guitar solos while slugging back shots of whiskey and snorting lines of coke? Bands that, in the '90s, reigned supreme in the tragic Shakespearean tales of VH1's Behind the Music?

You can bet EndeverafteR does. EndeverafteR loves those bands. EndeverafteR idolizes those bands. EndeverafteR's vocalist, Grant, even relocated from Sacramento to LA's Sunset Strip, not too far from the Whiskey a Go Go, the birthplace of many of those bands, so he could better mimic their efforts.

"We wear our influences on our sleeve," the 26-year-old Grant says over the phone, laughing unapologetically.

The kicker, though? Grant says only a few of EndeverafteR's fans even seem to be familiar with those influences.

"People tell us all of the time that we sound like their favorite bands, and it's flattering," Grant says. "But a lot of the kids out there today are too young to remember those bands."

Instead, those kids remember things like Tommy Lee Goes to College, and they wonder why the guy who sang "Get Naked" in Methods of Mayhem and slap-fights Kid Rock is enough of a celebrity to merit a prime-time reality show on NBC. To those nave young minds, EndeverafteR isn't a retread. Instead, the band's a beacon of a harder, brasher, ruder sound.

To a degree, EndeverafteR is just that. The band's debut disc, Kiss or Kill, which was released in late 2007, sounds like someone locked The Academy Is... in a studio, gave those parent-approved rockers a shopping bag full of Columbia's finest and told the band to write and record until there was nothing left to snort. On a similar note, the music video for the band's single "Baby Baby Baby" features topless schoolgirls in make-out sessions.

Yeah, we've seen it before. But for noticing that these vices were missing from today's music scene and exploiting that absence EndeverafteR deserves some recognition. And for calling out their softer competition during press interviews, they deserve a little more.

"The hipsters in all these indie bands they're like the hippies of our time," Grant says.

With comments like those, Grant and his bandmates aren't just anticipating a backlash; they're attempting to facilitate one. It's inevitable, Grant says. Whether it's EndeverafteR who winds up carrying the torch for that taste change remains to be seen. But it certainly never hurts to be early to the party.

"We definitely missed it last time around," Grant says. "But everything goes in cycles. And, if you look at it that way, we're ahead of our time."

94.3 KILO-FM presents EndeverafteR
The Black Sheep, 2106 E. Platte Ave.
Sunday, Jan. 13, 9 p.m.
Tickets: $9.43, all ages; visit or call 866/468-7621.

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