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Sixty Seconds with Nate Barnes



Indy: You played Led Zeppelin's first album in its entirety a few years ago, and now you're doing Led Zeppelin II. If you could take only one of them to a desert island, which would you choose?

NB: Ooh, that's tough. I'd probably take II, just because I got really into that record at a young age. But if I could pick any Zeppelin record, it would be Houses of the Holy, just because I really like "No Quarter" and "The Ocean."

Indy: Isn't "The Ocean" the one that's in 15/16 time or something like that?

NB: Yeah, I think it's 17/8 or something like that. It's crazy. I think that was one of the first Zeppelin tunes we covered.

Indy: What are the most difficult songs on the second album?

NB: Oh, "Moby Dick," because I have to do a drum solo.

Indy: Is it the drum solo?

NB: I'm not going to do exactly what [John Bonham] did, just because it's kind of like trying to repaint the Mona Lisa exactly how it was painted.

Indy: So, your nickname is "The Foot." How come?

NB: That was given to me by Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. We did a three-week tour with them. I guess it was because he liked my kick-drum foot.

Indy: You've toured with Van Halen and the Who, which is amazing for a young band from Boulder. How come you stay with Megaforce instead of signing to a major label?

NB: We have had offers, but none of them seemed right. They all wanted multi-album deals, like six albums. I mean, most bands don't even get to their sixth record.

At the Boulder Theater, Dec. 30 and 31.

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