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Rocco’s Italian eyes more fine dining under new ownership


  • Matthew Schniper
Rocco’s Italian Restaurant dates to 1982 and feels super retro, mismatched decor-wise, in the old Steaksmith building it moved into in 2013. As of a few months ago, it’s under new chef/proprietor Randy Rumple (even though the old owners’ picture still adorns the menu’s cover ... talk about first thing to change day one). Our server says Rumple will add more fine dining options soon. This day we catch nicely priced lunch specials, a chicken Parmesan ($7.77) helping over a bed of pesto Alfredo pasta ($2 extra for the recommended pesto addition), the bird well-seasoned and breaded and the creamy pasta only wanting for salt and pepper. And crispy kale reading more like a hashtag than a meaningful flavor, atop a crostini floating in my chicken noodle soup ($8.95), which sees chunks of dark meat added, along with rich, soft cheese tortellini and toothsome vegetable choppings. The consommé (misspelled “consume” on the menu) too could use salt, but otherwise it’s warming and serviceable.
Location Details Rocco's Italian Restaurant
3878 Maizeland Road
Academy (South)
Colorado Springs, CO

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