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Robert Randolph

Sixty Seconds with Randolph



Indy: Your first CD, Unclassified, was a promising debut, but the follow-up album, Colorblind, is stronger. In particular, the songwriting is more focused and the melodies are more powerful. What's your take on the musical growth on Colorblind?

RR: This record shows how we've all grown as songwriters, as singers, as musicians and just, you see the different influences from us. ... Not to look down on Unclassified, but it's just like [we've] grown up.

Indy: Another goal you had for Colorblind was to figure out the studio and make it work for you more. What did you end up learning about bringing what you do into the studio and capturing it in that setting?

RR: It was just a different thing, being in the studio this time around. It was a more fun process, in terms of growth and watching ourselves grow into something different. I'm still a young artist and I like to play music, but it's interesting now to see how I've been able to grow, me and the band, and take it to another level.

Indy: You worked with some big-name producers on Colorblind, including Mark Batson and Tommy Sims. You also did tracks with Daniel Lanois, but none of those made the CD. Do you have any plans for those songs?

RR: We're definitely going to use those, maybe for our next record or whatnot. Maybe we'll get back in the studio and visit some of the stuff with him and see what comes out, because we just didn't have enough time to work. We had about a week or two ... [But] hey, it's all good, and we got introduced to each other and were able to work together. We'll be around for a while and be able to work together again.

At Broomfield Event Center, Oct. 12.

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