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Talk radio hosts have been making news of late, riding headlong into new frontiers of vitriol, venom and name-calling. Is the medium helping or hurting public dialogue in this country?


Roger Bost
Manitou Springs

Security professional

How often do you listen to talk radio? Every day while coming home from work. I usually listen to Coast to Coast AM, but to Rush Limbaugh now and then, too.

What's your opinion of talk radio? It gives needed alternative points of view.

Are there talk radio hosts you especially love or hate? I think Glenn Beck is fair and more mellow than most. Sean Hannity is too far right, and he cuts off those who disagree with him. Rush can be a little belligerent, too.

Do you think talk radio is eroding public civility? Possibly especially the shows that shout a lot.


Joseph Daniel

Career counselor

What's your take on talk radio? It's a way people develop critical thinking skills.

Is there a host you particularly like or dislike? I dislike Rush Limbaugh. He's a little ignorant sometimes.

How influential is talk radio? Less influential than TV or the Internet.

Does talk radio undercut public civility? Absolutely not. Talking to people, sharing ideas and concepts, is a positive thing.

If you had a talk radio show, whom would you most resemble in terms of behavior? Ron Paul, a true American patriot who's attuned to the average American.


Ryan King South of Colorado Springs


How would you describe your view of talk radio? It's a good thing because you're not always near a computer or TV. You can access it on your car radio.

What host do you most like or dislike? I intensely dislike Rush Limbaugh. I like legitimate discussion, not far-right views.

How influential is talk radio? A good one out of every three cars I ride in has talk radio on.

Does talk radio undermine public civility? Not necessarily. It's more that people who get heated and argumentative about politics gravitate to talk radio. There's good reasons not to talk politics in bars or in church.

If you were a talk radio host, whom would you resemble? Bill Maher. It's like he reads my mind, says what I want to say.

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