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Rizuto’s Ice Cream and Sweet Shop's satisfying scoops


  • Matthew Schniper
Surprise! Food critic enjoys ice cream shop. I mean, sure, there’s cheap, boring ice creams in grocery stores all over, but the craft shops (who were scooping like pros long before “craft” was the go-to adjective) have pretty much always killed it. Rizuto’s has been around more than a decade, boasting “huge portions... best deal.” They buy their hard-pack flavors from local boutique purveyor Anne & Mann’s, which makes them some exclusive blends, like the addictive Rizuto’s Coffee ($3.50/small cup, indeed heaping). It infuses Heath and Oreo crumblings into a smooth coffee body, which tastes splendid even if we were to get snooty and dock points for commercial junk food inputs. (Let’s just enjoy ice cream instead.) I mix mine with a very sweet and island-y coconut-butterscotch-macadamia nut. 
Location Details Rizuto’s Ice Cream and Sweet Shop
4785 Barnes Road
Colorado Springs, CO

Rizuto’s does make its own gelato, like a lemon bar ($4.50/small), which tastes like limoncello minus booze, not sour but plenty citric and one-note clean, a nice
contrast to my busy ice creams.

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