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Rivera rolls to a second term as mayor


Mayor Lionel Rivera was handily reelected, he was told at the Thirsty Parrot Tuesday night, prompting words of praise for rambunctious competition that dared, as Rivera noted, enter the fishbowl of public life.

I compliment them, he said, smiling and clad in his trademark dark suit. Rivera finished with 59 percent of the vote a bit short of his own prediction as competitors Tony The Truth Carpenter, Mike Coletta and Tony Tyler lagged behind.

In days leading to the election, Riveras campaign poured about $18,000 into advertising in a bid to support the reelection of fellow councilmen Larry Small, Randy Purvis and Bernie Herpin.

Herpin, the council appointee who replaced Richard Skorman, didnt make it. Instead local businesswoman Jan Martin joins the council along with incumbents Small, Purvis and Tom Gallagher.

Rivera said Martin would bring experience to the council.

I respect the will of the people, he added.

The mayor had been criticized and occasionally bashed by his competitors in campaigning that spilled predictably to the cheap free-for-all that is the Internet.

If you elect this man back into office be ready to pay a lot more fees, a lot more fines, Tyler declared in a video posted online as he pointed to Rivera signs and imitated documentary maker Michael Moore unraveling a conspiracy.

Tyler also took supporters on a tour of his home, an ode to MTVs voyeuristic Cribs show that chronicles the excessive abodes of celebrities and sports stars. His home was, by comparison, unspectacular.

Carpenters Web site featured an animated burning dollar bill amid slogans such as exposing the waste in Colorado Springs government. He blamed rising utilities costs in part on over-caffeinated Colorado Springs Utilities workers eagerly misspending tax dollars on coffee.

Coletta, aka Blabbing Mike, a blogger who boasted 476,852 visits to his Web site in 2006, had chided the city for its build and run development pattern, uncoordinated traffic lights, potholes and snow-removal problems.

I will not run for Congress as Lionel Rivera did. Being your mayor is more important to me, Coletta promised voters.

He also found time to keep up his blog, posting pictures of Cheyenne Mountain Zoos newborn gorilla, Saddam Husseins execution and his usual behind-the-scenes views of reporters covering the news, including a City Council meeting.

Rivera said he hadnt seen a lot of the online campaigning. Told what was on the sites, he said he didnt harbor any animosity toward the competition. You cant have bad feelings in politics for long, Rivera said.

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