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Sixty Seconds with Joe Principe


Indy: Rise Against is often seen as a political band. I've seen the band doesn't like that label. Why?

JP: It's more like we're socially aware. [Frontman] Tim [McIlrath], the way he writes is very broad. He has political songs and then he also has social songs and even songs about his personal relationships. I don't think we like to be pigeonholed as a political band.

Indy: Your band has been known to have just enough songs to make up an album. But you had 30 songs for the new Appeal to Reason. What led to the creative outburst?

JP: When we met up to write the record, it was like I had a big list of songs on my own and so did [McIlrath]. Then we also came up with things at practice. I don't know, I guess it was just the time and the place. I guess if the inspiration is there, you take advantage of it, and it was. We've never had that overflow of creativity, at least not like that.

Indy: Appeal to Reason is getting great reviews, and the CD, like your others, has a good mix of punk and straight-ahead rock. What kind of goals for the CD did you have going in?

JP: We kind of approached it like we would any record, where I guess we just don't have a goal in mind. As long as we feel we're progressing as a band, we'll try anything. ... We always have kind of a little bit of everything, punk rock songs and rock songs and even, like, [variety] tempo wise. We wanted a good mix of all of those elements.

Alan Sculley

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, Nov. 12-13.

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