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Riches to rags



Mirroring the stock market and the war in Iraq, the George W. Bush presidency has run the gamut of tumultuous highs and profound lows. How will history judge his tenure?


Cherie Snyder
Pion Valley

Stay-at-home mother

How do you rank Bush among modern presidents? On the low side. Most presidents maintain at least some popularity at the end, but his ended so utterly negative.

What comes to your mind when Bush's face or voice appears on the news these days? Sadness. Disappointment. I don't trust him any more.

Did you feel differently four years ago? I didn't vote for him, but I think less of him now than four years ago.

What would you say to Bush if you could? I wish that democratizing the Middle East hadn't driven so much of his policy. I wish he'd paid more attention to practicalities.

How will history judge Bush? Poorly. It'll be increasingly unkind.


Jeanine Davidson
West side

Tech support professional

Where does Bush rank among modern presidents? Somewhere in the bottom half, largely because of Iraq.

At this juncture, what do you think when Bush comes to mind? He's a short-timer, on his way out.

Do you view him differently now than four years ago? I voted for him in 2004, but I lost confidence when the war went on and on and on.

What face-to-face question would you ask him? Why does he blame everything on Congress?

How will history judge Bush? He started out a pretty good president, but his presidency was destroyed by the war.


Jeff Kulp


How do you think Bush ranks among our modern presidents? As the worst. The war in Iraq was a disaster from the get-go. Condoning torture blemished our country's reputation. He destroyed our moral standing in the world.

With only nine weeks remaining in his presidency, what comes to your mind when Bush surfaces in the news? How sorry I am about the past eight years of U.S. history. How different things could have been under a different president.

Does your view of Bush differ now from four years ago? No. He's taken the country the wrong direction the past four years, but that started well before 2004.

If you could, what question would you pose him? How does it feel to be the worst president in U.S. history?

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