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Two-thousand-one-two, party over, oops, out of time ...

So in our last column, you may recall our mentioning a number of local end-times shows taking place this Friday, including "The Last Headbang" at Venue 515 and Melting Temple's Jonestown-themed "End of the World Meeting" at Zodiac.

And yes, there's more where those came from. So if you're one of those folks whose final moments on Earth must be spent in the company of other local music fans, here are some additional doomsday shows to consider.

To get a one-day jump on the festivities, check out this Thursday's "End of the World Dance Party" at Copperhead Road. The evening will feature sets by DJ Nate Starr and John Stewart (who was profiled in last week's issue after his remastering of The Grey Album got all viral.)

Moving on to the infamous Friday the 21st, Meadow Muffins will present "Last Cypher on Earth" with the Charlie Milo Trio. Local emcees will be getting on stage to freestyle during the band's last set, which will presumably be well under way before the doomsday clock strikes midnight.

Also on Friday, you can catch the "End of the World Rumble" with Sanguine Addiction at Rawkus. Or Kinfolks' "Last Night on Earth... with Edith Makes a Paper Chain." Or — deep breath — Phantom Canyon's "End of the World Party and Empty Stocking Fundraiser" with the Mike Nelson Band.

There's also Union Station's "End of the World Party" with Arch Hooks, as well as the "Triple Nickel Anniversary Show Night 1: End of the World Party." (A "Night 2" is scheduled for Saturday, but we'll just have to see about that.)

I'm sure you get the idea. Check the adjacent Playing Around listings for more details on Armageddon events going on at a venue near you.

OK, we'll be getting back to the future — what there is of it — in just a moment. But first let's talk about last Friday's party for the release of Grant Sabin's blues-steeped Anthromusicology album.

With its 500-plus turnout, the show fell just short of a sellout, which has only been accomplished by two local acts in the venue's history. (Namely, Jake Loggins' return from "retirement" last February, and the Haunted Windchimes' own CD release party back in April.)

The Windchimes were also on Friday's bill, which makes sense since Anthromusicology is on their Blank Tape label. Gathered around a single vocal mic, they delivered a set of timeless folk originals that had the understated power of a band like Low, albeit without the electric instruments and existential angst.

The Grant Sabin Band followed, performing standout songs like "Dreamin'" and "Market of Sorrow" in a way that made the recorded versions all the more evocative when I went back to listen to the CD.

The group's Friday night lineup — which included We Are Not a Glum Lot's Sam Erickson on lead and rhythm guitar, Anthromusicology producer Marc Benning on bass, and the indispensable Alex Koshak on drums — contributed to what was surely the tightest and most musically impressive Grant Sabin performance I've seen to date.

The band also unveiled a brand-new Sabin tune written on the nine-string resonator guitar he and his father recently built from scratch. He describes "Circumnavigator" as a "special song waiting for me inside of that nine-string." (Visit his dad's new Steeltone Guitar Company page on Facebook if you want one of your own.)

All of which brings us to this coming Thursday's "A Concert for Sophie," which is being presented by the Haunted Windchimes. The show will also feature an acoustic set by Sabin, as well as performances by the J. Miller Band, Joe Johnson, and the Changing Colors. Proceeds from the benefit, which will take place at Pueblo's historic and hugely atmospheric Union Depot, will help defray the cost of leukemia treatments for Sophie Bijou Valdez.

As noted in previous columns, Sophie is the 3-year-old daughter of LastLeaf Printing's Mathias Valdez. Her situation has already brought out the best in the local music community, with benefits at the Triple Nickel, Black Sheep and Pueblo's Phil's Radiator raising a combined total of $6,100. Thursday's event will also be filmed by Sparks Bros Media for a concert DVD, and you can find more info at

Finally, this being the week before Christmas, you'll be happy to know that you can enhance the holiday magic with new "product" from two local artists.

First up is George Whitesell, who has a brand-new children's book-and-CD combo called Santa's Wish. You can get it, along with his audio-only Santa Sings Children's Favorites, at

Meanwhile, the Wild Hares have contributed a predictably perverse tune, "If you Believe," to Frothing the Nog, a newly released album on Seattle's Green Monkey Records ( The holiday compilation also features artists like the Young Fresh Fellows, so you know it's good.

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