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Did you know that, according to some list I found online, and which is therefore unquestionably true, John Denver, John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Avril Lavigne AND Justin Timberlake all suffer from or, in the case of the dead ones, USED to suffer from, attention deficit disorder?

That means none of them would be, or would have been, patient enough to make it through this column's first sentence. But since YOU apparently did, we're going to give you a break now and get right to the point — because there are lots of points to be gotten to.

Let's kick off with newly formed bands. Last week, we reported on Dave Cantrell returning to the scene after nearly two years, with his new band OFL. This week, we've got a few more where that came from, none of whom sound remotely alike.

First let's welcome the return of Willow Welter, singer/keyboardist of the defunct Abracastabya, whose music Westword once likened to Dario Argento films (which do, after all, get kind of stabby). Willow's paired with Modbo co-owner Lauren Andrus for Swelter and Burn, a brand new band featuring "two girls and one piano." They'll make their debut at Modbo this Friday on a bill with Water Bear, whose new lineup finds Kellie Palmblad performing with Joel Brown and that other Modbo co-owner, Brett Andrus.

Also this week, say hello to SOUND|STUDIES, who will play their first show Wednesday, Oct. 10, at the Triple Nickel. The "rock with alternative roots" act, which consists of former leer members Ryan May and Brandon Metz, will open for Morning Parade, a U.K. band whose "Headlights" single reached No. 16 on Billboard's "Alternative Rock" chart. Because, let's face it, there's nothing more alternative than serving up a warmed-over rehashing of Coldplay and U2, which will, of course, make Morning Parade huge.

Our third newcomer to know about is Drug Flowers, which features Jesse Allan Rozell from the band BLEACHEDBLONDE. They'll be at Stargazers on Thursday along with the Flumps, Briffaut and We Are Not a Glum Lot as part of the Kings of Space Showcase. The KoS collective — which also includes Grant Sabin, who'll be playing some of his tunes as part of Briffaut — will be performing in front of 16-foot-tall black-light paintings by Cole Bennett, who did the brilliant, Jack Kirby-inspired backdrop for Briffaut's rooftop show back in May. Word has it there'll also be projected fractals, quasars and pulsars, which is always a good thing.

There's also a really promising new music series making its debut this weekend: Sunday Night Soul Sessions at Zodiac will be a monthly open mic and artist showcase hosted by Andrew Wilson, with a "house band" featuring Maddix Jay on keyboards, Charlie Milo on bass, and Lyrick Victoria Lipscomb on drums. Not only that, but Tony Exum Jr. will be sitting in on sax for the inaugural event, which videographer Steven Wash will be documenting in its entirety. More info at

OK, a couple more quick hits and we're out. Aesop Rock is bringing his oft-imitated but entirely inimitable hip-hop to the Black Sheep on Thursday. Weirdly, upstart identity-thievin' rapper A$AP Rocky — of "I didn't even know who he was until people started asking me that" fame — is playing the Ogden the following Monday. (Somebody get that guy a restraining order.)

And finally, Blighter will be doing a "Tour Kickoff" gig at the Triple Nickel on Saturday, before heading off on a week-long jaunt that includes the Southwest Terror Fest 2012 in Tucson, plus dates in Albuquerque, Tempe, Phoenix and Pueblo. They need gas money, you need tinnitus, it's win-win.

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