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Well, last weekend brought another fine example of why I really need to get started on my plans to build one of those crazy Tesla human duplication machines, like in that movie with what's-his-mug (The Prestige, I think ... not the one with David Bowie!). Anyhow, then I could have been at all of the reportedly amazing events all at once. But alas, the "laws" of "physics" have screwed me once again.

This weekend looks like it could spread you pretty thin, too, but at least you won't have to keep finding new places to bury your clone corpses!

After a year of amazing local shows, it may be hard to believe that the best of the year has yet to come. But if there were only one show to catch all year (and I only say this a couple times a year), it would no doubt be this Sunday's Kiowa Sessions, Vol. VII, presented by area "throbs," the Heartless, at the V-Bar downtown.

Consider it the "all-you-can-eat" buffet of Colorado Springs original music, with supercharged sets from across the spectrum: the fuzzed-out garage punk of The Conjugal Visits, the ever-more-lovable-every-time-you-see-'em Dear Rabbit (featuring the percussive talents of one of the most talented drummers I've ever met and gotten to work with, Shawn Stafford of Deadites and Against Tomorrow's Sky fame), classic rockabilly with the Chris Winters Show, Colorado Delta pre/post-war blues with Grant Sabin, a solo set of "CBGB" (that's country, bluegrass and blues to you, punk!) from the Jack Trades/Haunted Windchimes' Mike Clark, and a brand-new band to hit the scene, Street Kar Desire. The show is 21-plus, and free, and I heard something about them giving away a trip for two to Las Vegas?! Viva!

This weekend also marks the fifth anniversary of the Triple Nickel Tavern, and of course, there'll be a celebration with a serious lineup of impeccable performers. First up, on Friday, Dec. 17, Dave Mansfield & the LAMFs, The Conjugal Visits and Listener will provide the backdrop to your binge-ing. And on Saturday they'll roll out Americana's sweethearts, Drag the River, plus, all the way from Boston, Lenny Lashley of Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys, and Pete Stein of Truckstop Coffee. Each of the shows is $5 at the door, and again, sorry kids, 21-plus.

There is a bit of good news on the all-ages-show front, however, as Craig Tomanini (owner of the Green Room and drummer for Zen Theory) just recently opened a brand-spanking-new all-ages venue, the Parkway Event Center (2519 Airport Drive). The Parkway strives to be "the place" for the underage crowd, with Colorado Springs' first "18 and under" night every Friday, and all-ages live music showcases every Saturday night. More in the future, but until then, hit

And lastly this week, the Changing Colors will officially be welcomed to the Blank Tape Records family with a CD re-release of their high country folk debut, Red Mountain, complete with new artwork by Inaiah Lujan. Celebrate with them Friday, Dec. 17, at the former Rubbish, and current SPQR, which the "kids" have taken to calling "the Speaker," which I like because it is easier to pronounce. All-ages, woot, woot!

Smell you next time!

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