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It has been over half a decade since the end of what could be called the "great insurgence," the first time (in my life, anyways) that C-Spgs had a truly decent music scene. Popular bands like the Great Redneck Hope, Against Tomorrow's Sky, the Mansfields and the Right Aways were regularly packing venues like 32 Bleu, H.W. Brigg's and the Navajo Hogan to the walls, and countless bands made pit stops at the beloved High Life House before going on to far greater things. (For instance, Tom Waits' new Anti- Records labelmate, William Elliott Whitmore, who will be returning to the Springs via the Triple Nickel Tavern on Friday, Nov. 19.)

Perhaps it was just the excitement of my youth, but this scene was on fire!

Since then, we've seen some fairly significant growth in both the quality and quantity of bands and venues. Yet for whatever reason, fewer local bands have had that raw magnetism necessary to draw the crowds needed for large-scale scene "raising."

Now, thanks to three of the four "surviving" members of the once almighty Great Redneck Hope (nobody died, I just wanted to sound dramatic), namely Aaron Retka (bass), Jeremy Grobsmith (guitar) and Daniel Harvey (drum), the scene will burn once again. As I am sure you now know, they've re-formed as a true pre-post-apocalyptic stoner metal behemoth by the name Matterhorn, and are set to release the hellfire and brimstone that is their debut album, Vol. 1- The World Began Without Man...

Opening with the tender sounds of birds chirping in a spring breeze, Vol. 1, like a horde of hungry locusts, quickly begins to consume everything in its path. The album, being released on CD, digital download and limited edition colored vinyl by Chicago's Thinker Thought Records, is ostensibly (I've always wanted to use that word) an instrumental companion to the upcoming Armageddon, in five chapters.

The album begins with "Stage One: Long Valley Caldera, 8:32 a.m.," in which, due to the expulsion of "6700 cubic kilometers" of sulfur and ash, the U.S. suffers an estimated 350 million casualties and becomes "uninhabitable west of Mississippi." The saga culminates in "Stage Five: 99942 Apophis," in which we suffer "global fire" and essentially, the end of all life.

Now, it would be ridiculous to think that any band could be so awesomely omnipotent as to threaten the existence of all of God's creation, but metaphorically speaking, Matterhorn just pulled it off. And let's be honest, we always knew the end of the world, metaphorical or otherwise, was bound to emanate from Colorado Springs.

Now, you can get your very own front-row seat for the apocalypse, and your very own advance copy of the album (unavailable outside Colorado until January 2011) at the official "unofficial" album release party, Saturday, Nov. 13, at Triple Nickel Tavern. For more, visit and/or

Until then... smell you later.

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