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So, I am sure you have all heard about the Rocket Room. According to a series of now-infamous online posts, owners Dave and Shalonda Cantrell will be hitting the road — they were "given an offer they couldn't refuse," says Shalonda — and are putting the award-winning bar and music venue up for sale.

One post reads: "The Cantrells are moving so that means the Rocket Room is for sale. You can inquire at Our last show date will be Oct 31st. Come give the Rocket some love and buy it already!"

I, for one, really hope that someone is able to step in and keep the place running. Otherwise, this will truly be a sad day for rock 'n roll, or at the very least, fans of dank and dirty rock 'n roll bars.

Now, I'm a little late to the dance on this next one, but V Bar, the classy little club just west of Tejon at 19 E. Kiowa St., which was recently procured by Mr. Brian Moore of Westside Tattoo notoriety, has been throwing what I have heard is a pretty legitimate affair. The "Kiowa — Sessions," held on the third Sunday of each month (and consequently, Sunday, Sept. 19), feature a "rotating" cast of local musical talent generally leaning toward the less boisterous end of the "indie" spectrum — along with incredible drink specials, and all of the free promotional schwag that you'd expect from a classy night downtown.

It's already featured a handful of pretty spectacular acts: Dear Rabbit, the Changing Colors, Kellie Palmblad (of Eyes Caught Fire fame), Tall City and Andy Tanner, to name a few. This month will be "Vol. 4," and with performances from Walker B. Ross (ex-Aria Tari), Chris White, Megan LeFurge, RO, Divided by Liars and the Heartless (formerly known as the Velvet Radio), it should prove no less impressive.

And, I guess, since we are all getting a little more familiar, V Bar, along with Word of Mouth Entertainment, has been hosting a nice weekly "Word Wednesday" open mic night featuring some of the city's finest wordsmiths. Performances are stirred up from all depths of the bubbling language pot, including (but not limited to) spoken word, a capella and acoustic song, MC/beatbox, jokes, poetry/literature, monologue and, I assume, the good old-fashioned angry rant. Performances run from 8 to 10 with intermissionary (which wasn't even a real word, until now) support from DJ Gravity, who takes over the microphone at 10 and goes 'til they make you all go home.

Now, I generally prefer not to waste time on matters such as this, but did you happen to catch Kanye West's performance on last Sunday's Video Music Awards? H-O-L-E-Y shit! "Let's have a toast for the douche-bags," he declares in the chorus, "Let's have a toast for the assholes / Let's have a toast for the scumbags / Let's have a toast for the jerk-offs ..."

I probably should have, but I totally didn't see that coming. Unfortunately, the rest of the song is total "booty club/hook-up" garbage, and he does this super-lame vocoder crap at the end, so it will probably be one of the biggest club hits of the year. Oh well. Let's have a toast ... for Kanye!

Smell you next time!

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