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Well, kiddos, I have bad news for you. I just got word that not just one, but three of the "scene's" most beloved bands are calling it quits.

I was already worried when Geoff Brent (former Mr. Man-ager of the Black Sheep, and guitar-squeezer for the gaziest gazers in the "Cee-Oh," Abracastabya) done went and moved to Denver. But apparently, that had little to do with his band's demise.

"Geoff had been driving down from Denver for practice, but our cellist, Lauren [Laney], quit a little while ago," says Willow Welter, the group's lead vocalist and keyboard player. "We were going to find someone to replace her, but then Dave [David Grimm, aka Davey 'O,' so nicknamed for the "orgasm face" he makes whilst drumming] told us he was 'retiring from music' and was maybe even going to sell his drums."

Thankfully, the band will be playing one last show at the up-and-coming Black Sheep Five-Year Anniversary Weekender on Oct. 16. For more info, visit

Now, anyone familiar with the "scene" should be asking themselves, "Hey, wait a minute! Doesn't Davey 'O' slap skins for the fantastically noisetacular Enemyswim, also?" To which you'd reply, "Why, yes! Davey 'O' does slap skins for Enemyswim!" Which would lead you to wonder, "Will Enemyswim be the next band to disband?"

According to an unnamed band spokesperson, via classified electronic message: "Yeah, it's true. Some of us just want to pursue other endeavors that aren't conducive to being in a band. That's all. Totally amicable." Damn it, I loved those guys! No word yet on a final show.

Last but not least, after five years of "getting drunk and pissing people off," it looks like the Stab Crew boys are gonna go ahead and hang up their axes, or knives, if you prefer.

"Sad news everyone, after five long great years Stab Crew is finally at our end," the band announced via Facebook. "When we first started playing in this town there was one other punk rock band, but because of you guys showing up to shows and believing there was a scene here, things have really taken off and there are tons of amazing new bands right here in Colorado Springs! Keep going to shows, you will see us there, and make sure you guys keep your eyes and ears out for any of our new projects after Stab Crew."

The band plans to play one last farewell house party/show sometime this month, but nothing has been chiseled into their tombstone at this time. Keep an eye on their Facebook for more info.

And I suppose while I'm talking tombstones: Toons Music and Video, the formerly fabulous and truly independent record and video store where I first "cut my teeth" as a pimply faced teen, and which has been closed for business these last 18 months or so, has officially thrown in the towel. Owner Eric Verlo says he has begun "dismantling," but that he will be there daily "until we're out." The building is expected to become a project space for Colorado College students, because they don't have enough space already. R.I.P. Toons, you served us well.

Now, I hate to even mention it, but that other neat little record shop downtown, The Leechpit (perhaps you've heard of it?), turns seven years old on Sunday, Sept. 12. Stop by between 12 and 6 for a celebratory B.Y.O.B.B.B.Q. with free live music from the Haunted Windchimes, the Jack Trades and my shit band, Thee Kissing Disease. It'd be a pleasure to meet you all, I am sure of it.

Smell ya!

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