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When I first picked up this little "writing" (cough) gig here at thee Independent, tasked to keep tabs on the "quote/unquote" music "scene," I had absolutely no idea if this little "birdie" was gonna fly. "You want how many words about the Colorado Springs music scene? Every week?!?" I thought as I unsuccessfully held back streams of laughter and tears.

But here we are, a full three years later, and there are enough shows in any given week for me to hit my word count just typing up band names. And for every show I do write up, there are a dozen that I simply don't have room for. So, to the dozen or more bands that just got bumped for the next paragraph, I am truly sorry, but I am pretty sure your brain didn't recently try to explode.

This is something that sets you apart from Bret Michaels, the "American singer, actor, director, screenwriter, producer and reality television personality" (seriously, Wikipedia said so). Perhaps he is known best as the lead vocalist for the quintessential '80s glam/metal behemoths, Poison, or maybe for his farcical "role" on VH1's Rock of Love, or his legitimately impressive winning performance on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice 3 (which raised $250,000 for the American Diabetes Association), or his statutory country crossover duet with Miley Cyrus (eww ...), or, just maybe because HIS BRAIN RECENTLY TRIED TO EXPLODE!!! Regardless of your motivation, you can see Bret Michaels perform live, tonight, Thursday, July 29 at Cowboys downtown.

And speaking of brains exploding, if you're headed to the Black Sheep on Saturday, July 31, you might want to bring a mop and bucket, because the High on Fire show is guaranteed to blow your mind. True to the old school, the Oakland POWER metal trio will be pummeling the crowd with the musical equivalent of a heavy-artillery ambush. With additional exposure to our own bringers of metally mayhem, Matterhorn, who are reportedly putting a few last touches on their debut release, and Enemyswim, who are known to make quite a ruckus themselves, the survivors will surely envy the dead.

And lastly this week, I want to wish a big, fat "happy birthday" to the Triple Nickel Tavern's Damian Burford. Easily the hardest-working man in "CShow business," who recently announced upcoming performances by the legendary bluesman T-Model Ford and the Supersuckers' Eddie Spaghetti, Damian will be celebrating his 29th on Tuesday, Aug. 3, with the Roadside Graves, and will also be celebrating on Wednesday, Aug. 4, when the Nickel hosts Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real, the Reflectacles and Joe Johnson.

Most of you probably don't recognize the name Lukas Nelson, but for those of you who caught him warming up the crowd for his Pop, Willie, at the World Arena last April, you know what you're in for. Did you catch that? His dad ... Willie. Willie Nelson. Now, what you don't know, however, is that the other band playing Wednesday, the Reflectacles, is backed on the drums by Lukas' brother Micah, who also happens to be Willie Nelson's kid! Seriously, how cool is that!?

The only way you could get any cooler is for your grandad to be, say, Hank Williams (like Hank III, who recently tore it up at the Black Sheep), or for your dad to be Woody Guthrie (like Arlo, who, most amazingly, will be gracing our presence on Labor Day, out on the lawn at the Fine Arts Center!).

What an amazing three years it has been. Thanks, everybody. Smell you later.

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