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Well Reverbites, I hate to admit it, but I had more fun last weekend than I have had in well over a decade. And as much as I absolutely love everything about following music — going to shows, listening to records, trolling for obscure YouTube videos til 4 a.m. — there is no better feeling than getting up and DOING IT for yourself!

Seriously. You know you've always wanted to grab a guitar, or whip out your mouth harp and spit out a few tasty licks. You might already know how, and just not even know it. So take it from a guy who knows a thing or two about "wasted potential": It is never too late (or too early) to chase impossibly improbable dreams.

And because nobody took me up on my threat to publish their review, I will instead devote the next paragraph to a comment left on my FaceSpace page by the talented, Springs-based classic/blues rock artist Dain Silva (

"I'm deeply offended about the Dio comment you made in the Independent! Ronnie was the coolest musician I have ever had the privilege of meeting. He wasn't into Satan, his songs were mystical or fantasy like the game D&D. If a person is into dragons [or] fifteenth century folklore they would love his stuff. Dio is underrated like all the other great talent out there, that is why anybody who really understands music doesn't share it with the rest of the world, because they wouldn't understand it."

Dain, my friend, THAT is exactly what Satan wants you to think! And that is exactly why he masks his "evil" with the wicked talent of the admittedly underrated Dio. But don't take my word for it. According to Creem magazine, October 1985, Dio isn't even his real name, but he was, in fact, born Ronnie James Padavona, and changed it to "Dio," the Spanish word for "God." Even more disturbing, the way he spells it on album covers, if inverted, reads "Devil." [Editor's note: OMG, it's true!]

C'mon, Dain, the signs are all there! Sure, you could take Dio's word for it: "I don't have to explain how stupid I think that is ... I know how to rock, and I know how to create strong images in my songs. This whole uproar about rock music and devil worship is nothing more than a bad joke" (Hit Parader, February 1985, p. 17). Or you could trust the word of God, who clearly states, "Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death" (James 1:15).

Who should we trust here, Dio or God? God is dead. Long live Dio!

How about some shows?

Friday night is a busy one: Andy Tanner's Headhum will be "posting" the "rock" at the Rocket Room, with Arach Attack and all capitals. Sinister Creed has a CD release at the Black Sheep with Malakai, We Are All Destined to Fail and Vital Malice. The Aggrolites, Synthetic Elements and the A-Oks play an early gig at the City Aud, with doors at 6, and the concert at 7. And the Hollyfelds are at the Trip' Nick' with the Lusitania, Edith Makes a Paperchain and Adam Arcuragi.

Saturday, at Sunshine Studios, there's an all-day local punk/thrash fest headlined by the exceptional Bleached. Also featured are Bleached/One Fifty One/Snapt spinoff the Sarcastic Bastards, as well as — deep breath — Anaveil, M.D., Ideal Citizens, Grindscape, Malakai, One Fifty One, Take It to Eighty Eight, Caramel Carmela, Murder Hat, Asbestos Tampons, Fire Aweigh and Ashley Said Yes. Rounding out the festivities will be Harvey Black's demonstration of fire-blowing, sword-swallowing and other sideshow attractions.

Also on Saturday, you can head way out west for Unikord, Grease Machine and a most unprecedented Smaug lineup (with Dave Cantrell at the helm) as they storm Manitou's Ancient Mariner ... Hail Satan!

Smell you later.

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