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Man, oh man, is it just me, or did the '90s just throw up all over the place?! Everywhere I turn, it's all flannel this, or worse yet, neon that! And don't get me started on all these "gnu-grunge" bands coming around trying to sound like the goddamn Smashing Pumpkins. "Despite all my rage, I am still gonna txt all day." Puke!

On the upside of all this '90s rebirth crap is that, for the first time in over a decade, I picked up a 'zine, an actual 'zine! Not a newspaper. Not a magazine. Not a brochure, pamphlet, e-zine or iPad. An honest-to-God 'zine! It's called What's Left? and it was poorly Xeroxed, folded and stapled down the middle. The text was cut off on the edges and everything!

There were band interviews, local art (Aaron North is a badass, by the way), D.I.Y. rants, angry cut-and-paste Hitler/Obama anarchy graphics ... it was beautiful. In fact, it was so much like some of my old crap 'zines (perhaps you have one of the 50 copies of Purity Through Smut we printed circa '94-'95) that I almost cried the bitter tears of a rapidly aging punker. I have been informed by one of the "editors," Bryan "Blame the Tourette's" Ostrow, that the 'zine will be available in limited quantities, at relatively random locations throughout the in D.I.Y. scene, and that new issues will come out when they come out, so keep your eyeballs peeled, man!

A good place to start looking, however, might be the Black Sheep on Saturday, April 24, on account of the fact that Ostrow's latest band, Blighter, will be opening for the Holy Trinity of local thrash/punk/metal bands: Signatures (featuring members of the Great Redneck Hope and They Murdered Miracles), Decay (featuring members of Catheter, the Nobodys, Animosity, Blistering Body Pus, Smaug and more), and Unikord (you know, Shitty's band!).

And speaking of Shitty, did you hear he's partnered up with a couple of gentlemen by the names of Uriah Werner and Jason Jackson to book more "mature" acts at theLoft (2502 W. Colorado Ave, #301), in Old Colorado City?

"theLoft has been around for two years but was previously catering to a high school crowd," says Werner, who already has an impressive lineup of bluegrass, country, alt/indie, rock, blues and pop acts booked for the summer. "The main crowd we want to attract is 20- and 30-somethings."

And how will they do that? Hmmm ...

"The Loft is going to have a wine/beer bar," Werner adds.

That ought to do the trick!

Shitty's first show is this Sunday, April 25, with Mason Reed from Tucson, Ariz., and our own Broken Spoke, a truly excellent quartet. For more information, visit or e-mail

There is one more bit of venue news for you this week. Craig Tomanini, owner of the Green Room Music Complex, has announced plans to open a 50-seat venue on the Green Room property at 4525 Northpark Drive. "The Living Room" is slated to open June 1. For more info on shows, booking or any other Green Room activities — it offers practice space, recording, equipment and "industry" advice as well — visit

Well, thar she blows, smell you later!

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