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I am celebrating my 31st this upcoming Tuesday, March 16, and in a stroke of luck so thick you'd need a biscuit to sop it all up, there is a show coming to town that night that is, for lack of a better term, ridiculously — nay, retardedly — awesome.

It has been nearly a decade since I've heard a band that I could so instantly connect to. This, in fact, is exactly the seventh point in my life that such a thing has happened to me. So, following my childhood obsessions with the Beach Boys (age 8), Nirvana (12), Johnny Cash (16), Billy Childish (19) and then the White Stripes and Japan's lead contenders for the greatest band in the rock 'n roll universe, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (21), comes a man and his band by the curious name of Nobunny.

Sonically speaking, Nobunny, whose lead character is performed by a dude from Oakland named Justin Champlin, would fall more into the White Stripes category of primitive and lo-fi garage rock. But where the Stripes balance their simplicity and intensity with a more subtle charm, Nobunny pulverizes minimalism into helpless submission with the reckless abandonment of Hasil Adkins, Sam the Sham, Guitar Wolf and the Gories/Dirtbombs legacy ... you know, like the Black Lips, but without all the self-conscious coked-up rock-star attitude, or the Dwarves, if they were a high school garage band in the late 1950s that accidentally ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms just before playing their gig at the senior prom. (Did I mention Champlin wears a "bunny" mask and, in most instances, removes enough clothing throughout his performance to create a general sense of depravity?)

So, for the majority of readers who are, no doubt, scratching their heads and asking themselves, "WTF?" I say this: Nobunny is, without a doubt, and especially since the untimely death last January of Jay Reatard, the earthly embodiment of the true spirit of rock 'n roll. This ain't punk rock for beginners, kids, this is the real deal.

And to prove I am not alone in my observations, listen to this testimonial from none other than the great Rev. Norb, who should need no introduction, but probably does around here. (Um, does Maximum Rock'n'Roll mean anything to you?!) The Reverend says, and I quote, "I believe in Nobunny. He appears to feel the rock strongly." And Rolling Stone, eager to maintain relevance, featured him in its "Hype Monitor" with the phrase "a high school version of Rock & Roll High School."

Credit for this discovery, locally speaking, goes to Nick Santamaria of the Nicotine Fits, who witnessed one of Nobunny's live sets last year in Denver. After finding a change of pants, he was able to convince the fine folks at Rubbish Gallery (17B E. Bijou St.) that this would be just the thing to get its latest wave of all-ages summer concerts on the map.

I, for one, couldn't agree more. In fact, with opening support from Santamaria's latest superfuzz rock 'n soul rebellion, the Conjugal Visits, and the "RL Steins of Social Darwinism," Boulder's Thee Goochi Boiz, this 9 o'clock show, properly attended, will be the spark that ignites the musical powder keg that will become known as Summer 2010!

Don't screw yourselves on this one, kiddos, check out I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Smell you later!

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