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Used to be that at this time of year, when it gets so cold that your pipes freeze and you have to scrape the inside of your car windows, the music scene would dry up to an equally frigid drip.

Well, anyone who's been out of the house in the last couple weeks knows damn well that this scene isn't just hot, it's on fire.

Everywhere I go, there are people! (Except maybe for Cowboys East, which closed its doors earlier this month, though the downtown club's still thriving.) Could it be this whole "culture" thing is catching on?

Congratulations are especially in order, this week, for the Triple Nickel Tavern, which will be celebrating its four-year anniversary this weekend with two solid nights with the crème de la crème of Colorado Springs' original rock and/or roll.

Firstly, on the night of Friday, Dec. 18, you will be visited by the three ghosts of Colorado punk rock past, present and future.

Representing punk rock past, all the way back to before the turn of the century (ah yes, the magical punk rock gold rush of the mid-1990s), are the Nobodys — the first and last great punk band to ever almost make it out of this town.

The specter of punk rock present will be played by the Stab Crew, who have for many years now masterfully carried out the timeless punk rock tradition of getting drunk, being assholes, and pissing people off. The spirit is strong in the case of this particular ghost, so I suggest you watch your back.

The future of Colorado punk, in more ways than just this lame-ass analogy, is in the able hands of Dead On My Feet, which just hit the scene last month, but hit it so hard that it's still picking the dental gold out of its own shit. This could have something to do with the band's considerable lineup, which includes former members (or should I say "dismembers"?) of such infamous Colorado bands as Christ Puncher, Catheter, the Misplaced and Three Round Burst.

Joining the celebration Saturday night will be the impeccable El Toro de la Muerte, whom you may remember from last week's stirring AudioFile, as well as the Jack Trades, who, much to the dismay of their adoring public, have been playing less frequently as of late.

Which isn't to say you shouldn't spread a little of your "Christmas cheer" down to the Rocket Room while you're at it. Friday night, it hosts indie pop sensations Tango Red Tapestry, Mike Stephens and the Foxhole Prayers and the Free Electric Band. Saturday night is "big guns" time with Chuck Snow & the Lo-Fi Cowboys ("If it isn't Lo-Fi, it's No-Fi"). Both shows are free at the door, so Merry Christmas to you, buddy!

And speaking of Christmas merriment, Sunday, Dec. 20, is riper than a juicy Xmas plum, as John-Alex Mason sticks his Winter's Eve Blues Ball under the tree at Stargazers Theatre. Fans of the veteran bluesman and former Springs institution will be thrilled by this one-night event, which will also feature the talents of Fara Tolno (on djembe) and the Lionel Young Band. More guests to be announced.

Ho, ho. Smell you later.

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