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So, regular Reverb readers, "Reverbites," if you will, know that this space is almost exclusively reserved for news, events and witty repartee on the Southern Colorado music scene, with little attention given to our older, scruffier and taller cousin to the north, Denver. Well, what with the upcoming Not So Silent Night with AFI show this Sunday, Dec. 6, at Denver's Magness Arena (2240 E. Buchtel Blvd.), I thought I would treat you to a special little ride in the Adam Leech wayback machine, to the winter of 1995 — way before AFI stood for "A Fire Inside" (in fact, their equipment was stenciled "Abuncha Fucking Idiots"), and way, way before the members became spokesmen for sulky tweenage outcasts — when, along with my cohort and conspirator, Dave Minnery, I conducted my first band interview.

The following is an except, reprinted without permission, because that's what punks do, from the punk rock fanzine (remember those?) Filler, Issue #3 ...

Filler: This is the first interview I've ever done, I can't think of anything to say. What do you guys think of Rancid on MTV?

AFI: I don't care, I think it's cool. I wish I got MTV so I could watch 'em. Whatever blows their skirt up. Anything they do is cool. ...

Filler: I don't know if you know this, but your album is really popular in Colorado Springs.

AFI: That's great, I didn't think anyone had ever heard of us.

Filler: It's because you guys never slow down, we're tired of bands getting mellow, you guys keep going strong, that's rad!

AFI: Cool.

Filler: How do you guys feel that there are people that like you?

AFI: I hate it, I hate the fact that people like us. [Laughter] I just hope for their sake they don't consider us role models, because it would be bad if they wanted to be like us, especially Dave.

Filler: Are you guys straight edge?

AFI: As a band, no. I used to call myself straight edge until we went on tour last year and I started drinking milk and eating meat. A lot of straight edgers still are more of a militant gang than they are anything else. We're not all straight edge, but I would say that we are relatively sober, we're all very sober. I force these guys to do push-ups, and drink milk, and, I mean not drink milk, I forget, it changes so much ...

Sparing any further embarrassment, I will stop myself there. Suffice it to say, street credibility was thee issue of the day ... boy did we all blow it!

Moving to the present-day: If you're not doing anything this weekend, I thought you might like to check out a few shows, perhaps?

Mark's Midnight Carnival (the band) is playing at the Rocket Room on Friday, Dec. 5, with the Lazy Spacemen and Molten Audio Experience. MMC began as a solo singer/writer project in December 2007 by Texas transplant and Pueblo resident Mark Bush, who recently added the skills of guitarist Scott Bein and drummer Gavin Straub. Together for only a few months now, they've been gigging tirelessly throughout Colorado — you can catch them Saturday, Dec. 6 at Jack Quinn's if you miss this one. They've earned a reputation for mellow, "easy on the ears" acoustic rock, and I just thought you might like their rich and bold, indie-o-coustic power-pop.

No? Well, if you're not up for the bar, there is a pretty awesome indie show at Pikes Perk downtown on Friday night: Hawk and Sparrow, the Pachisi Champion, Tall City, Briffaut and Life as a Mountain ...

Oh, you're busy on Friday? Well, Dance Over Anaheim, Hudson Grace and Single Triple Double are playing an all-ages show at theLoft on Saturday night, how about that?

Oh, OK, I guess I'll just smell you later then ...

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