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Recently I received a reader e-mail (imagine that!) from a gentleman in Manitou by the name of Barry Beard. In it, he poses the following query: "I've been reading your column for the past couple of months (to get a feel for what Colorado Springs musical tastes are; from your perspective ... youthful?). Anyway, I'm a 60-year-old dude that likes to play 'standards,' 'soul?,' 'R&B?' (e.g., the questions are 'how would you interpret this?'). Bottom line is that I wish there was a venue in Colorado Springs for the type of stuff that I'd like to participate in." He also provided me with a link to his myspace page (.../barrybeard) and then rambled off some kind of "old coot banter" about slapping Jesus, or Jesus slapping him, or something.

Well, Mr. Beard (wicked handle, by the way ... if you were in an indie rock band, that name would be solid gold!), might I suggest you "swing" on by the Stargazers Theater and Event Center this Friday, Oct. 16, for the Pikes Peak Blues Community's Annual Fall Ball? I think I might.

"The success of this year's ball is exceptionally critical," says Laura Hibbitts, president of the PPBC, who operates the nonprofit on a shoestring budget. "We received zero grants this year. Without the community's generous support, this is it." Especially now that the community's being sued by Michael Jackson's estate for unauthorized use of the phrase, "This is it." (Joking!)

All hysteria aside, this year's ball is more important than ever, and will feature a silent auction as well as some "big gun" sets by Omar and the Howlers of Austin, Texas, along with our own Jim Adams Blues Band and a last-minute lineup change that ruins my angle completely, Young Austin and No Difference (led by a pair of ridiculously talented 14-year-olds, Austin Young and Noah Mast). Regardless, Mr. Beard, although it may be less "rhythm" and more "blues" than what you're looking for, I think this would be a great place, for the both of us, to start looking. For more information on this, and other PPBC events, visit

Now how's about a little something for the more, uh, "youthful" scene? It'll be a real "high school musical" over at theLoft on Saturday Oct. 17, with an evening of shimmery indie/pop from Fort Collins' Post Paradise, as well as sets from Cheyenne Mountain High School's finest girl/pop acoustico-eds, Dance Over Anaheim; Lewis Palmer High's alt/rock quartet, Kings of the Cardboard Castle; and Single Triple Double, of Willy J. Palmer High, my own "Almee Madre." (Go Terrors!). So anyway, why don't you make like a Beach Boy and "be true to your school?" Rah, rah, rah, sis boom bah!

And, on a similar note, Kings of the Cardboard Castle will be joined by the Danny Django Band and the First and Finished on Friday, Oct. 16, for a Cancer Sucks, Music Rocks, benefit at Manitou's Venue 515. Organized by students in the Palmer International Baccalaureate program (nerds are cool), the show will benefit Relay for Life.

And finally, for those who missed their two-night run at the Triple Nickel this summer, Supersuckers are indeed coming back to our fair hamlet. Yes, Eddie Spaghetti and his fellow Seattle-ites of love will be playing the Rocket Room next weekend, Oct. 23 and 24. You can whet your appetite by visiting, where the proud new father has posted photos of his son, Elvis Glo Danger Daly, being delivered by C-section — or, as Eddie puts it, "pulled from her belly like a dream from the depths of your mind."

Smell you later!

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