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Since it's admittedly not my greatest area of expertise, I often overlook the significant local hip-hop scene, opting to focus on areas where I possess more proficiency (e.g., hillbilly trash, punk blues and/or girlie-panted indie beard-core). But this week I caught wind of a weekly slice of sweet R&B pie (no, not rhubarb & banana), cooked up fresh by Brass Knuckle Entertainment, Tuesdays at Union Station. "US Nights" is a showcase for accomplished and aspiring Colorado rappers, emcees, deejays and R&B singers and groups to drop their skills, network and "maybe meet some ladies, even?"

Hosted by Black Pegasus (whose highly anticipated new mixtape, Shitting on the Industry, Vol. 1, hits the streets Oct. 30), next Tuesday's showcase will feature the national talent of Afro Classics — along with MCs Scarub & Very (of the Living Legends!) — and local artists Kris Harlow, Uneducated Scholars and the Famm. DJ Eckho will turn platters, and there's the infamous open mic Emcee/Rap Battles, with a little cash-cash money to the victor. Consider it a crash course in hip-hop, Colorado style. After a couple of weeks, you'll be a Ph.D. (Pretty huge ... ) Anyway, for mo' info, or to get signed up for your own spot, holla' at BP,

It has been said that variety is the spice of life. If so, life around here couldn't be any spicier. Take, for instance, Friday, Oct. 2, when the Spaghetti Harvest (featuring Sonya Downey and Graham Davis) is scheduled to play a set of tender and heartfelt acoustic folk, along with a set of "predominately acoustic guitar and vocals with beatnik and rock-n-roll roots" from the Beatidudes at the new "once a month" coffeehouse, Saint Arbuck's, located in the basement of the University School of Colorado Springs (2713 W. Cucharras St.) on the first Friday of each month (except December, January, July and August). It ain't Starbucks, but for more info, visit

But perhaps that simply isn't your cup of tea (or coffee, as it were). Instead then, you could enjoy a bit of "local flavor" at the Underground, which will be hosting a traditional, old-fashioned Fetish Night, Saturday, Oct. 3. Like a prom for self-proclaimed freaks, geeks and other-worldly weirdos, the evening will offer "interactive demonstrations of dark sensuality," bondage and S&M demos, as well as a downstairs dance party. Expect plenty of corsets, fishnet and electrical tape, but if anything around here is going to be tender and heartfelt, it certainly won't be acoustic folk music. Huzzah, now that's a spicy meatball!

Rounding out the middle ground, this week: Thrift Store Cowboys of Lubbock, Texas, with the Ghost of Mike Clark and Inaiah Lujan at the Triple Nickel Tavern, or Inelements with Alabaster Morgue and Drive-In Massacre at the Rocket Room on Friday night. Andy Tanner's latest venture, Hedhum, will be headlining the Rocket Room on Saturday night, with Chicago's Driftless Pony Club and the Pachisi Champion opening. And lastly, Xanthe Alexis is back from a month of good times on the road, and will be celebrating her exploits with a solo show at Manitou's hippest new haunt, the Coquette Creperie (915 Manitou Ave.) at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 4.

Good times, good times. Smell ya later.

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