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Looking for a little fresh meat in the metal scene? Well, too bad, because the latest band of local scene heavyweights is already starting to Decay. Ha ha. That was so dumb.

Seriously though, the members of Decay have some fairly impressive experience on their résumés. In fact, these guys have played, or still play, with nearly a dozen of the biggest names in Colorado punk, thrash and metal, including Animosity, Blistering Body Pus, Last Supper, the Nobodys, Reno Divorce, Sinister Creed, Smaug, Catheter, the Hot Heads and Rad Decision. (Bad Religion? No, Rad Decision!)

"The main concept behind Decay," according to an official band statement, "is to get back to basics and return to where the bulk of our experience and main interests still are: the mid to late '80s crossover fusion of hardcore punk & thrash metal ... It's what we all grew up on — it's what we all know best." And in a scene dominated by skinny bearded weirdos in neckerchief bandanas, I think this, at least for those who lived through the '80s, will be a welcome mosh down memory lane. Decay will make its live debut along with Khrinj and Innerkill at the Rocket Room's Thrash Bash, this Friday, Sept. 11. For more information, check out

Also making big news this week: Tango Red Tapestry will celebrate the release of its debut disc, The Window EP, this Saturday, Sept. 12, at the Black Sheep. Formed in 2003, Tango Red Tapestry consists of Brian Eastin, Danny Snyder, Chris Combs and Richard Mills, who together create art-jazz-inspired indie rock that ranges in influence from the modern experimental pop of Mars Volta, Radiohead and Minus the Bear, to the '80s pop of the Police, to the heavy Colorado indie/gaze of Eyes Caught Fire. The Window is the band's first studio offering, consisting of five songs that are each different in their own way.

"We tried for over seven months to record it ourselves," says lead singer/songwriter Eastin, "but what we did just wasn't working, so we ended up recording it at 1620 Studios with JD Feighner." And the extra production seems to have paid off, as The Window glistens like a strand of finely polished indie rock pearls. Grab a copy at the show for just $5 or check out some of the songs at

Lastly, tonight, Thursday, Sept. 10, The Modbo, the cozy new art space in downtown's busiest art alley (south off of Bijou Street, one half-block west of Tejon Street) will host an impeccable lineup of international indie rock, including a band called My Name Is Nobody from the city of Nantes, in the Bretagne region of France (sounds nice!). Heavily influenced by American folk and indie music, MNIN brilliantly uses the English language to navigate the realms of culture, politics and humanity with all the wit and wisdom we've come to expect from the French. (No, seriously.) Also performing will be Mark Trecka from the excellent Chicago band Pillars and Tongues, and Denver native Laura Goldhamer with her group, the Silvernail. For more information on this, or any other exquisite Modbo event, e-mail, or track them down on the Facebook.

That's that. Smell you later.

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