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So, I hope at least some of you caught the songwriters love-in at Kinfolks last weekend, but if you didn't (like me, on account of a nasty bitch of a kidney stone, 4x5 mm, a personal best), or if you did attend, but still have any doubts to the sheer veracity of our original CBGB scene (country, bluegrass, blues ... duh), they will quickly be assuaged at another unrehearsed Joe Johnson/Jason Miller hootenanny this Saturday, Aug. 29, at Manitou Springs' Ancient Mariner. However, this time they will be joined by the Haunted Windchimes' incredible and adorable songstress Desirea Garcia, as well as the Changing Colors' exceptional bearded bard, Conor Bourgal.

Also on Aug. 29, and also in Manitou, Xanthe Alexis (ex-Poésis) will be performing with her latest band of merry women, the Hopeful Heroines, at a special Kinfolks concert event. The new group promises a blend of " meets orchestra music," and will feature Harriet Landrum on violin. Making this all the more special, Chela Lujan (also incredible, also adorable, and also from the Haunted Windchimes) will be performing a set of her own original music, and a gentleman from Illinois by the name of Andrew Jacob Holm will be opening. Fans of Xanthe's prior works are urged to attend, as this will be her final show before joining Ashley Raines (the perfect pair!) for a five-week stint on the East Coast. La-dee-da!

So, by now you've all seen the "50 bands I've seen live" crap all over the face-space. People list the bands they've seen live, and then they are either applauded or ridiculed for their taste in music. Well, here is my spin, but I have changed the rules a bit.

I have included only the bands I have seen in the Springs and Pueblo, leaving off anything elsewhere in order to further prove how truly badass the SoCO scene has been to me. I have also excluded all local and Denver bands (unless they are/were significant nationally), as well as any band with a name longer than four words, which ruled out most of the bands I saw at the High Life House. Ready, Freddy? Here goes: AFI, Agent Orange, Aggression, All, Billyclub, Black Lips, Black Uhuru, Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Briefs, Bristle, Dead Low Tide, Descendants, Drag the River, Falling Sickness, Fang, Fear, Fifteen, Foreskin 500, Funeral Oration, Go to Hell, Arlo Guthrie (my first show ever), Hillbilly Hellcats, I Spy, Ignorance Park, Daniel Johnston, Latch Key Kids, Let's Go Bowling, Logical Nonsense, Los Crudos, Lucero, Misfits, Modest Mouse, MU330, Naked Aggression, Nashville Pussy, Pinhead Circus, Propagandhi, the Queers, Quincy Punx, Rancid, Reel Big Fish, Reverend Horton Heat, Sam I Am, Skankin' Pickle, Submission Hold, Supersuckers, Swingin' Utters, Thursday, Total Chaos, Turdis Musicus, the Vandals, Voodoo Glow Skulls ... and the list goes on ... Not bad for a third-tier market, eh?

Now, here is your homework. Send me a list of your Top 10 shows in the Pikes Peak area. Assuming more than one of you responds, I will report my findings in the coming weeks. Apparently, by a vote of 1-0, the Autono is Colo Spgs' most influential band ever, with Against Tomorrow's Sky a distant second. Thanks to Kevin Johnson for taking the time to write!

Until next time, smell you later.

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