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In a bit of rare local album news, the illustrious Mike Stephens, of ATS/Loverleigh/Foxhole Prayers fame, is planning a tribute album to Colorado Springs' most almost-famous band ever, the Autono. Those, ahem, "in the No," know that the Autono, led by a handsome and talented young guit slinger by the name of Chuck Snow, was a Springs-based '90s alternative rock band, back in the actual '90s, that had a moderate degree of commercial success, culminating with a live rock opera spectacular performed with composer Mark Junglen and the Volgograd Symphony Orchestra.

If you or your band would be interested in participating in this project, Mike urges you to contact him on the Facebook. (You know how to do that, right?) As there will be little to no budget for this project, to participate you'll have to produce the recording on your own. But there have already been some significant national bands showing interest, and many former local heavyweights are rumored to be re-forming. (Did somebody say Hazy Swirl?!?)

According to Stephens, "This will have to be a labor-of-love project created by superfans of the group. That being said, anyone interested will be considered." As for the details, Mike says he'd "like to keep the guidelines open. Any genre will be welcome ... except ska. Sorry, if someone wants to record a ska version of an Autono song, I'm taking my ball and I'm going home!"

Denver's Ode to the Marionette, featuring Julia Brochey — formerly from the Springs' popular coffeehouse creamers, Julia and the Unexpecteds — will make its live Colorado Springs debut on Tuesday, Aug. 4, at Trinity Brewing Company. The post-ambient electronic jazz quartet just released its initial offering, Uncomfortable Situation, which, in addition to Julia's powerfully unconventional vocal stylings, features the conservatory-trained musical talents of Christian Lowsley (drums, keys, guitar and vibraphone) and Lelah Simon (bass). Rounding out the group is Ian Smoak (keyboards, xylophone), who was born in Myanmar, has been studying piano performance since age 6, and is the self-appointed czar of "several equatorial islands."

With massive amounts of curious instrumentation and peculiar composition, Uncomfortable Situation conjures the smoky, ethereal and outright trippy vibes of Portishead, Morcheeba or Massive Attack. Plainly speaking, this is excellent music for your next space-age retro bachelor pad party. More info, and the discs, are available at

It looks like the Orchid Riot boys are up to something as well. Sean Woestehoff and Nick Yanez — spawned from the ashes of the popular power trio, the Wheel — will celebrate the release of their debut EP on Saturday, Aug. 1, with a free show at the Speedtrap in Palmer Lake. Titled Man + Water, the disc is a four-track, 18-minute chunk of "glamorous, dramatic, graphic, indie rock n' roll." Not what you've come to expect from a two-piece, the Orchid Riot most definitely serve a thickened stew of indie-flavored psychedelic garage pop. Mmmm, that's some good eating!

Smell you later, chum!

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