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Reverb for breakfast again?! Well, all right then!

The Rocket Room's first big barbecue cookout of the season, this Sunday, May 24, will serve up the Pack A.D., Vancouver, British Columbia's answer to the question of what to do with "the garage" if Detroit really dies. The "Pack" is not actually a "pack" at all, but a pair of chicks, badass chicks at that — Becky Black with the guits and vox, and Maya Miller with the drums. Complete with a whole "bag o' hammers" worth of blues punk tricks, hot licks and cool sticks, these girls have no trouble keeping up in a genre that is so often dominated by, well, dicks. And, on a tour that winds all the way from Pensacola, Fla., to the Yukon Territories (info, vids and more at, it's clear they aren't afraid to bite off a big chunk and start chewing.

And speaking of "biting off and chewing," completing the menu for this hootenanny barbecue will be Dahlonega, Ga.'s one-man freight train, Smokestack and the Foothill Fury, who kicks his contraption and bites and spits the blues both hard and fast ... like a lone wolf. Get in and grab a rib!

Celebrating nine-plus years as bona fide metal scene veterans, Step to Every Pit will be amping up for a big one this Friday, May 22, over at ye olde Union Station. This will be its last gig before heading back into the studio early next month with Bill Douglass, audio engineer extraordinaire, at Royal Recording. Making this recording session all the sicker (or is it more sick?) is the rumored involvement of Ahrue Luster, the wicked guitar behind Machine Head and Ill Niño. See, more sick indeed! But what's sicker is that on Friday, S.T.E.P. will be playing with a heap of other sick local bands. Specifically, Focused on the Failure, Can't Quite Get it Right and Feral Blue.

And last, but certainly not least, on Saturday, May 23, at the Ancient Mariner, the Manitou Music Farm will host a benefit show and raffle for an absolutely wonderful family that was recently dealt a very not wonderful hand. Fifteen-year-old Orchid Satellite Taylor, one of the sweetest kids I have ever met, was recently hospitalized for a month after experiencing severe complications from an extensive and risky surgery. This has left the dear girl, and her loving family, drained in more ways than you can imagine, leaving them down, but certainly not out.

So, in typical Manitou fashion, the town will rally, enlisting the help of the legendary and mythical Unikord, the band that never changes chords, as well as the Molton Audio Experience, which is known to change chords frequently, to deliver a great day of music, food, drink and laughter in the hopes of raising a few bucks, and a few spirits, for a deserving girl and her family. The fun is set to start at 5:30 p.m. with an all-ages show, to be followed with some adult-only action after 9. For more information, or to donate goods and/or services, please call 322-6786.

That is all the reverb I got for you, smell you next time!

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