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All right! Spring Break or, for those of us with no travel budget and small children home from school, Hell Week is here! But fear not the cabin's fever; just give all of your precious "moneys" to the neighbor-girl, and hightail it to one of these fine events. Or, if you are one of those gall-dang "children home from school," how about getting out of what's left of the parents' hair and catching one of these sweet all-ages shows?

In what I believe to be the first-ever local attempt to throw a massive regional/national rock "festival"-style concert event, Sunshine Studios (3970 Clearview Frontage Road) is busting out the barbecue Sunday, March 29, for the inaugural Knuckle Up Fest. The all-day, all-ages, 15-plus-band concert "isn't about ego or your crew," according to promoters, but rather "about the youth sharing a common desire for something greater in life and in their music scene."

The festival will feature plenty of [insert your favorite noun/verb/adjective here]-core bands, many of which will be traveling hundreds of miles to get here. At press time, the list included: Her Demise My Rise (Rancho, Calif.), Brothers in Arms (Phoenix), Die Like Kidd (Los Angeles), the Cast Pattern (Lawrence, Kan.), Chelsea Grin (Salt Lake City), Bring Forth the Enemy (Glendale, Ariz.), the Fair and Debonair (Chandler, Ariz.), Sons of Thunder (Denver City, Texas), Before We're Done (Denver), Set Fire to Athens (Denver), IAMTHESHOTGUN (Denver), High Five (Denver), Crusher Destroyer (Colorado Springs), Madison Gray (CS), xSTRONGHOLDx (CS) and Israel (Caon City).

Damn, even if only the bands show up, it'll still be one of the biggest shows to hit this town for quite some time. For more on the bar-b-core "bro-down," visit

Also on Sunday, March 29, at Shuga's, there'll be a benefit show for Urban Peak featuring the refined Americana of the Genuwines, Mike Stephens and a relatively new project called Tower of Rhode from Mike Nipp (of Against Tomorrow's Sky, Thruster, El Toro de la Muerte, etc.) and Dan (Balls Out) Harvey (of the Great Redneck Hope, Thruster, Dude Castle, etc.). If you're familiar with their previous projects, well, hold on to your hat, because this is absolutely nothing like any of it.

What Redneck and Thruster are to sheer brutality, violence and volume, Tower is to tenderness, nappy-time and lavender bath soaps. Like they say at, "John Lennon just rolled over in his grave to hide the boner we just gave him." To find out more about Urban Peak, and the excellent work it does helping homeless youth in the region, visit

Adults in desperate need of a little "sonic colonic," take note: The Rocket Room has this weekend lubed from hose to nozzle. On Friday, it will host an interesting little "beardgaze" and/or "post-instrumental" band out of Portland, Ore., called AristeiA, as well as the recently reformed Millionaire Murder Trial (featuring the "Les Claypool" of Colorado Springs, Jeremy Ruggles, on bass, and former Independent Records higher-up Jaime "Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain" Crockett, on lead vocals). The infinitely talented Charlie Milo Trio will also lay down a bit of its trademark jazz/funk.

And Saturday rears its head with the explicitly explosive set of unadulterated punk rock from Pueblo's Better Luck Next Time, the grrrl-fronted power pop of the F-Bombers of New Brunswick, N.J., and our own Southern power-rockers, R.J. Fletcher.

Smell you later!

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