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Happy Valentine's music lovers! Because this year's "VD" comes on Saturday, there's a "rash" of romantic "STD" going around. Wait, that sounds really bad. How about, "as 'Valentine's Day' lands on a Saturday, there is an 'abundance' of romantic 'Stuff To Do' this year." Much better.

For instance, George Whitesell & His All Stars (featuring Jill Watkins) will host their third annual "Valentine's Dinner Dance" at the newly reopened Stargazers Theatre. Cool for Cats (featuring Jeremy Facknitz and Nick "You'll Be Getting No Sentimental Truisms from Me" Davey) will perform at the Speedtrap. Jason Vigil is at the Thirsty Parrot. Creating a Newsense will do just that at Benny's, and the Chris Winters Show is at the Triple Nickel Tavern (26 S. Wahsatch Ave.).

My dear Haunted Windchimes will be jerking tears at the Downtown Bar (103 Central Plaza, Pueblo) with special guest Canaan Vallejos. Southside Johnny's has the Martini Shot, and it's all -itis, all the way, at Union Station. The Taylor Project is at the Dublin House (1850 Dominion Way) while Love.45 is putting on the Ritz. Black Pegasus will perform at the "Boxers and Booty Shorts" dance party with D-Jaden and DJ Fury at theLoft (2502 W. Colorado Ave.), and the Black Sheep will hold a VD massacre of its own with Frozen Eternity, Kastigation, Hyperion, Centimani and Kaptiv.

I am sure I missed something (like your e-mail), and of course, if none of these STDs suit you, there's always 96.1-FM the Beat's X-rated VD party at SoDo ... no?

Speaking of SoDo ... oh man, the show at SoDo next Wednesday, Feb. 18, is going to be rockin'! "How rockin'?" you ask. "Rockin' like Dokken, rockin'!" Seriously, I'm not mockin' or cock-blockin'. I'm just talkin', but unless they're balkin', Dokken will be rockin' you to your stockin's. Don't be knockin', no gawkin'. Ladies, please, no stalkin'. The club is restockin' for the people who are flockin'. Isn't it shockin'? Maybe they will play their glocken ... spiel. Ah crap, I lost it.

OK, so this next little bit probably won't appeal directly to too many Reverbites, but I am sure that we all have someone in our lives who loves the outdoors. You know ... hiking, wilderness, the majestic splendor of the natural world and all that. Well, grab one of them (they are easily spotted by the hiking boots, water bottle and Mountain Chalet T-shirt), and tell them that one of their own, Walkin' Jim Stoltz, is coming to All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (730 N. Tejon St.) on Sunday, Feb. 15, to perform a "Forever Wild" benefit concert, hosted by the Trails and Open Space Coalition.

According to his site, Jim is a "long-distance hiker (27,000-plus miles), adventurer, author, painter, photographer, poet, wilderness activist, musician, songwriter and troubadour for the Earth." But more importantly, according to legendary author Edward Abbey (a name my more eco and anarch-esque readers should know well), "Jim Stoltz is a music man of exuberance and passion, with more to say in one song than Frank Sinatra ever managed in a whole bloody concert."

There you go, from the great-grandfather of environmental anarchists himself. For more information, visit or

So then, until we meet again, I smell thee adieu ...

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