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Joe Bob & Junebug, better known individually as Joe Bob Billy of the unfamous Joe Bob Billy & the Texas Alien, and Junebug of many an excellent Athens, Ohio, band (the Royales, the Paranormals, the Lennon Orchestra, just to name a few), will be performing a free show for the nice folks at Kinfolks in Manitou Springs on Saturday, Feb. 7.

No longer satisfied by the expletive exploits of Bargoyle, their previous punk rock collaboration, Joe Bob and Junebug (aka Steve Carlson & Eric Leighton) went in search of a more "primitive" sound. What they found was Appalachian alien stomp, a more acoustic, comedic and heartfelt ... ah hell, it's hillbilly music. Good ol' fashun' stompin' an' a-howlin' hillbilly music! Git yer jug and head toward the hills ... we'zall gon' tie one on ... yee-haw!

Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. It's fun stuff. Find out fer yerself at beanhollerboys.

The intro riff on "Sister Caroline," the opening track to Alison Lewis' new album, A Mile Down Division, instantly reminded me of my tremendous affection for the Traveling Wilburys. Upon further inspection, the chord progression is dangerously analogous to Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane." Regardless, Lewis' strong Bonnie Raitt meets Alanis Morissette vocals (but not in a bad way ... seriously!) make it work.

Anyhow, Lewis, who is originally from Detroit City, began her musical career "in coffee shops, on street corners and dive bars many, many years ago." After defecting to Chicagoland, where she recorded Mile Down with a full backup band at Fort Awesome Studios, she somehow ended up in Colorado Springs, before moving to Green Mountain Falls, which she now calls home. So, I guess that makes her upcoming show Friday, Feb. 6, at the Crystola Roadhouse (20918 E. Hwy. 24, Woodland Park) something of a homecoming. More info and songs are available at lewismusic. Welcome home, girl.

In other news, the "First Couple" of Colorado hip-hop, Aja Black and Big Samir, collectively known as the ReMINDers, were recently featured on the second episode of area television series Good Grief. Produced through a cooperation between Rocky Mountain PBS, dc dakota films and the College of Arts and Media at the University of Colorado Denver, the seven-episode series was inspired by the mundane, exasperatingly slow and thoroughly hilarious "humour" of the BBC. The series begins and ends most episodes with a musical performance, and features a regional cast, crew and mostly local talent.

Although nothing near the timeless superiority of The Young Ones, the show is already far more endurable than any episode of Are You Being Served? that I have ever seen! Unfortunately, the episodes have already aired on the "tee-vee," but, thanks to contributions from viewers like you, are available at your discretion at

That is all I got for this week, but as always, if you think that I suck and that I only write about my friends, and that my shitty band is mediocre (hell yeah, we are!), or more importantly, if you know of some music news that I don't, well gosh, how about an e-mail? And if you are in a band, I swear I make friends easy. Keep in touch, send me a photo for my fridge. Thanks, buddy!

Smell you later.

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