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So, I am assuming that you all (including my esteemed acquaintance Rok Star) by now have seen last week's cover story featuring the magnificent Haunted Windchimes. And hopefully, by now, you have all checked out their music at, and have marked all their shows on your calendar. If not, well, don't say I didn't try to tell you. And although they have not yet reached the pinnacle of success outlined in our previous conversations ... well, they sure are coming along nicely. Don't you think?

But there is more to this scene than the obscene talent of the Haunted Windchimes. In fact, there are so many disgustingly fantastic musicians in our community, we've had to call in the "COPPeRs" to try to get some order to this fine, fine mess.

The Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR, see?) has proudly announced the early October release of a superbly diverse 13-track CD of original songs, titled Sounds of the Pikes Peak Region. Featuring many of my own personal favorite local artists, and a many that will undoubtedly be to your liking, the disc will include tracks by Cahalen David Morrison, Black Pegasus, Andy Tanner, Ashley Raines, George Whitesell, Grass It Up, John-Alex Mason, Kelly Feeley, Lindsay Weidmann, Mango fan Django, Me and Julio, Posis and Rissman-Uveges-Braithwaite.

Proceeds from the release are slated to directly benefit local musicians, the arts and nonprofit organizations in the Pikes Peak region. COPPeR also is encouraging area businesses to purchase the discs for employees, clients or for holiday gifts at a special discounted bulk rate (available through Oct. 15). As a final added bonus, the CDs can be personalized at no extra cost with a company's logo and message. Did you hear that, Mr. Vee-Pee o' Marketing!? Looks like COPPeR just did your job for you! For more information, contact Bettina Swigger at 634-2204 or

Don't forget "part two" of the Live at the Rocket Room DVD filming this Saturday, Sept. 27, with what will surely be nothing less than explosive live sets from the Jack Trades (named 2008 Pikes Peak Arts Council Award winner of the popular music solo/duo category), El Toro de la Muerte (judges' vote winner at the Nosh T3 competition) and Mike Stephens and the Foxhole Prayers (who ain't won shit, but still put on one hell of a show ...). Dress to the nines, the cameras will be rolling!

Back on the national front, Thrasher Magazine's Dirty Devil Race to Hell Tour will lay down the fire and brimstone at the Black Sheep this Friday, Sept. 26. The tour features the snarling and urgent hillbilly-gone-greaser-gone-punk of Salton Sea, Calif.'s Throw Rag. Spiking and studding out this fiercely branded, top-shelf, ber punk rock roundup are the Lower Class Brats, Roger Miret and the Disasters (featuring Roger Miret, duh, of Agnostic Front), Static Thought and Viva Hate. Oi! Oi! Oi!

And if you really want to be punk rock and piss off the establishment, don't forget to register to vote by Oct. 6. I know the election isn't until November, but for some unknown reason, you have to be registered for 30 days before an election. Hmmm. What could it be? Anyhow, it's easy to register online at Barack Obama's, or you can send a mimeograph to John McCain via Pony Express ... No, that's not right, it's Regardless, if you don't vote and are eligible, you truly are a lazy, ignorant jerk.

Thanks for listening. Smell you later.

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